Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth, New Hampshire: A National Treasure, A World Class Attraction.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...


Anura Guruge

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Click to access their very slick and compelling Website.

Click to access their very slick and compelling Website.

Strawbery Banke (yes per the old English) is an enchanting collection of painstakingly and lovingly restored and preserved period houses, going back to the 17th century (just), in an amazingly peaceful and inspiring pastoral setting, a stone’s throw from the water, in beautiful downtown Portsmouth, N.H.

I am no stranger to the idyllic Strawbery Banke . I have taken my son Matthew there, at least once — given that he was quite a little history buff even when young, having caught that bug at the Greenwich Museum, by the Observatory (as in G.M.T.) when he visited in 1995, aged 3. I know I have visited at least twice — it is just that those visits were during the last century!

We walk by Strawbery Banke at least once a year — given that we try to frequent Prescott Park, Pierce Island & Four Tree Island (or that area in general) during the Summer, as often as we can.

Devanee had visited Strawbery Banke, on a school trip, in 2010, and loved it. I guess I was kind of waiting for Teischan to get old enough before we visited — because if Teischan gets bored a visit to a place like that could be torturous.

We went on Sunday, May 11, 2014 — Mother’s Day. Deanna wanted to go. It was a picture perfect day for any outside activity in N.H. — magical for Strawbery Banke. Temp. close to, if not, 80°F! It was in the 50s just the other morning. Quintessential blue skies. A lovely breeze from the water. It could not have been any better. Everybody was commenting on and revelling in it.

Strawbery Banke, with spring flowers in abundance, was resplendent.

Loved every minute of it.

IF I can ever russel up $100 I will become a Member so we can go there whenever.

 I took 156 pictures till the battery ran out. Deanna took 8 more. So I have a total of 164 pictures that I took yesterday. That I took so many pictures is unusual by itself. Over the last few years I have let Deanna take the pictures — like at the Grand Canyon. Now that I am in my dotage I want to be able to appreciate and experience life — without having to do so through a viewfinder. But, I just felt the need to capture the majestic grandeur of Strawbery Banke. As a Granite State Ambassador (GSA) and a N.H. resident of 29 years I am so, so proud that we have this world class, national treasure in Portsmouth.

I will publish all 164 pictures for you over the next couple of days. I created a blog just for Strawbery Banke!

You really should visit. It is $45 for a family. IF you have $100 become a member.

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