Is Mahatma Gandhi In Heaven …

… ..

by Anura Guruge

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Morgan Spurlock raised this question, with the BEST of intentions, in his CNN, “Inside Man” show — a couple of weeks ago in ‘The Book of Morgan‘ episode on religion.

Click to access CNN's "Inside Man" page with videos and blog entries about this "Book of Morgan" episode.

Click to access CNN’s “Inside Man” page with videos and blog entries about this “Book of Morgan” episode.

He did not mean it in a derogatory way in any sense. Just the opposite in reality. He was questioning a Christian Megachurch pastor as to whether he believes that non-Christian go to heaven. It was in this context that he asked this pastor: Do you believe that Gandhi is in heaven?” [This pastor didn’t, though he didn’t say so explicitly.]

I only got to watch this episode over the last few days.

This question about Gandhi gave me pause.

I had never thought about Gandhi in heaven — probably because I refuse to think about the afterlife. That got me thinking. I have no idea as to the Hindu beliefs about heaven. That is bad. I have had a lot of exposure to Hinduism but I know less about it than I do Catholicism (and I was never a Catholic).

I kind of had this notion that Hinduism must, like Buddhism, have a strong tradition of reincarnation given that Buddha was a Hindu by birth and basically co-opted many of the Hindu beliefs.

So I had a quick look yesterday. Wow. Hinduism has a very complex protocol for the afterlife. I didn’t even get to scratch the surface. Wow.

What I did manage to glean is that Hinduism, like Buddhism, does have the notion of ‘Nirvana‘ — essentially the end to the rebirth cycle. I think it is called ‘Moksha‘ (I could be wrong).

So …

But I also found that Hinduism also subscribes to a notion of a heaven.

So …

I would think, and I could be very wrong, that Mahatma Gandhi would qualify for Nirvana (or ‘Moksha’).
If so he would not be in heaven.

Others may disagree. They may say he is in heaven.

I have no idea.

BUT one thing I am sure: the Hindu heaven is not the same as the Christian heaven!

So Morgan Spurlock really hadn’t thought that question out fully.

supersizemeThat, alas, is the one flaw with his shows. We like Morgan. We have followed him every since he did his groundbreaking ‘Super Size Me‘ movie. We don’t watch all his shows, but probably do watch 60%. I invariably find that he just doesn’t cover the last, vital 10% in his exposés. He gets tantalizingly close then pulls back … I find that frustrating. I want that last 10% exposed. This was most apparent when he did the “Inside Man” episode on illegal immigration. He showed and told us a LOT. But then he pulled back … leaving me gasping …. ‘but, but, but … you never finished’

Anyway …

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