Boycott Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, By All Means, BUT Do So For The Unsolved Stacey Burns Murder Not For The Racist.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Copeland is getting way more attention than he deserves. This is the biggest ego trip in his life. You could see that he was sporting a woody after the Town Meeting. He is loving this attention. He is now a hero. As a non-white, very familiar with rampant racism in New Hampshire, particularly Alton and Wolfeboro, I DO NOT have a problem with Copeland using the ‘N’-word. I have heard worse, I have been called worse — and there is a restaurant in Alton, on the waterfront, that even basically REFUSED to serve us a few years ago because we weren’t all white. It is Copeland’s right and I say let him be.

The outrage should be that 5 years have gone by and Stacey Burns’ murder is still unsolved.

Folks, use this opportunity to draw attention to the Stacey Burns murder.

Ironically today was the day of a 5K run in Wolfeboro to mark the 5th anniversary of this dastardly crime.

Forget the N-word. I know Obama doesn’t mind. Lets not give this guy any more publicity. He is reveling in it. He will probably end up with a REALITY TV show.

Focus on Stacey Burns.

Click to access 2011 coverage from ABC -- yes 3 years ago!

Click to access 2011 coverage from ABC — yes 3 years ago!

Deanna had not seen my post from last ‘night’ (actually this morning given that I did it around 12:20 am). This morning watching the news she said: ‘The real crime in Wolfeboro is the murder of Stacey Burns’! That is what prompted me to do this second post.

'Stacey Burns' memorial Website.

Click to access the official ‘Stacey Burns’ memorial Website.

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