Calls To Boycott Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Because Of Police Commissioner Copelands Remarks Makes It To CNN.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access CNN video from the Erin Burnett show.

As at least one of the Talking Heads points out it is crazy to punish Wolfeboro because of one ol’ geezer, who to be fair is echoing only what many Wolfeboro (or for that matter Alton) residents would agree with. Free Speech.

While the whole thing is very sad and disturbing (and I am VERY FOND of Wolfeboro) what I found most amusing was how the CNN folks mispronounce ‘Wolfeboro’.

For Pete’s sake (and Pete, alas, lives next door) Wolfeboro is THE Oldest Summer Resort in the U.S. Give it some respect. Plus I thought everybody learned how to say it after Mitt’s abortive run.

This is, alas, getting a LOT of coverage ….


Friday night’s WMUR coverage. Click to access.


Do a search on ‘Wolfeboro’ on Google news.

But there is a CRIME for which Wolfeboro
has to be held accountable for.

If folks want to BOYCOTT Wolfeboro for letting this murder go unsolved for 5 years
I will applaud them — I will join them.

5 years. And still no arrests.

'Stacey Burns' memorial Website.

Click to access the official ‘Stacey Burns’ memorial Website.


WMUR coverage, from last year, on the 4th anniversary of this unsolved murder.

Boycott Wolfeboro
— but do so for the right reason!

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