Yola (Website Creation) Not Truthful About Phone Support & ‘New’ Text Widget Is Beyond Flaccid.



by Anura Guruge

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I have raved about Yola in the past and to be fair most of what I had said about them still holds.

Yola does work. And in its own plodding way works well. So you can’t take that away from them, I won’t.

My BIGGEST gripe with them is that they are LYING about their phone support. That is bad. Don’t claim to have phone support IF YOU DON’T! That is unethical. Just be honest and admit that you don’t have the resources to provide phone support. We will understand.

A few weeks ago I used to Yola to create, from scratch, a professional 5-page Website for a friend. It was for his rather prestigious business. Since the goal was that he would maintain the Website once I had it in place I wanted to make it as user friendly as possible. So after much cogitating and repeated visits to Wix.com I ended up getting him a Yola SILVER package for $99/year.

Yes, I put together a fairly decent Website.

So given that I had SILVER I really should have had access to ‘Premium Phone Support‘. I never did and that did not make me happy.

Everytime I tried I got a message saying that it was not available at the time. I was calling during normal working hours M-F — like 2pm Eastern on a Monday.

They don’t even have a LIVE Web chat support. Compare and contrast with Phone Power my new VoIP provider now that Google Voice duped us. They don’t promise phone support but has awesome Chat support. I can live with that.

Yola’s much ballyhooed, albeit only by them, new Text Widget is PATHETIC! Beyond flaccid. GIANT step backwards. Regressive.

On my own (Bronze) account, given that I had set it up in November, I still get to use the OLD, much more powerful and flexible, Text widget.

In the new Silver account I set up for my friend I only get the NEW flaccid widget.

I understand the motives BUT whoever designed that widget was indubitably on drugs — and the Yola management that ‘bought it’ obviously has proved that they are clueless.

With the new widget YOU can’t even change TEXT color! Come on.

AND depending on the STYLE you chose you may not even get to choose the text color for the entire site.

That is STUPID. Plus I want the option to change FONT COLORS.

Also LINKS have been CRIPPLED.

With images YOU can NO LONGER request that a link opens in a new Window! That is BAD. We should have the option.

Also automatic font color changing when there is an embedded link does not always work. Temperamental.

Bottom line: Yola works BUT is going backwards. I think they are in financial trouble. Heads Up. Be very careful before you signup with Yola. 

I will be visiting Wix.com again in the next couple of months!

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