Google Chrome Browser (2014): Fix For Adobe Acrobat PDF Viewing Problems.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Example of a PDF that you might struggle with in Google IF you don’t apply this fix.


Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.


Step one. Type in “chrome://plugins” into a Chrome tab address bar. This will open up a page with all the Chrome Plug-Ins.



Step 2. Scroll down till you find the ‘Chrome PDF Viewer’ Plug-In. DISABLE that.



Step 3. Find the ‘Adobe Reader’ Plug-In. At the bottom of that entry for that Plug-In click the ‘always allowed’ box. RESTART Chrome. Bob will now definitely be your uncle.

Accessing PDFs from Chrome used to a breeze. Google had done a real slick integration job with their ‘Chrome PDF Viewer‘ Plug-In.

Of late, i.e., as of 2014 (or Chrome Browser Version 35 –>), you might have encountered some trouble opening SOME, not all, PDFs.

The problem has to do with a spate of security fixes applied, by Adobe, to the (free) Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader.

OK. You really should UPDATE your Adobe Acrobat Reader. But updating it alone might not fix the Chrome woes.

But, the 4 step fix shown above, the 4th step being that of RESTARTING Chrome, should do the trick. It worked for me when I was trying to access and update this N.H. State PDF.

I need to thank Dr. Dave Graser, of Yavapai College, for telling ME what to do with this post. All I have done here is to ELABORATE on his excellent work and just made the pictures more detailed. So all the credit is due to Dr. Dave Graser who seems like quite the guy. Thank YOU Dr. Graser and continue your great work.

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