Alton Central School (ACS) N.H. — Principal Search Update With June 2, 2014 Rapidly Approaching.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013. .. ..... .




by Anura Guruge

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Alton Central School (ACS) Superintendent William (‘Bill’) Lander had this to say on his blog from 4 days ago:


Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access what ACS calls the ‘sau72/blander’ blog. I am not kidding. Check the URL. I had told them, politely, that that is disrespectful (whether or not it is true or not) and that they should change it … but that was months ago.

Link to access the ‘blander’ blog:

 ≡ ≅ ≡ ≅  ≡ ≅ ≡ ≅  ≡ ≅ ≡ ≅

Notice that Deanna had posted a question as a Comment 3 days ago and was waiting for a response.

So she e-mailed the SAU and got this response (quite promptly). So we now know who was on the Search Committee. I am so happy that they managed to keep ‘you know who’ away from it. If LaChapelle is on the Committee does it mean that he was not considered though the U.S. standards for these matters now stress that you don’t have to exclude yourself from consideration just because you are ON the Search Committee. Appears that Dick ‘dickey heart’ Cheney set the precedent for that having nominated himself when he was the Chair of the Shrub’s V.P. Search Committee.

So the ONLY outstanding item now is whether ‘they’ will be able to get their act together for Monday June 2nd.


Butchering the Poor English AGAIN.

This is on the ACS Website under SAU.

‘One-Two’ is a valid expression BUT only in the context of boxing.

Who writes and more importantly WHO approves this stuff?
It is bad enough that we have poor English from Board members.
I am sure that any of Alton’s in the main outstanding teachers would mark this as wrong if a kid wrote it.
So why do we allow the Administration to get away with it?


Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access the original at the ACS Website.

Link to access original.

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