Former Vatican Secretary of State, ‘My Man’, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone Accused Of Mishandling U.S. $20M. So WHAT?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access story in "Religion News". Google for more.

Click to access story in “Religion News”. Google for more.

That I am, or at least was, a HUGE fan of ‘my manBertone is no secret. I did my best to get him elected as the Next Pope. I admire him. My kind of guy. Just do a search on MY ‘popes-and-papacy‘ blog to see my fawning adoration of this good-looking, spry, very smart and loyal cardinal. As some of you know I am not the easiest person to impress — especially if you are a cardinal. Bertone always struck a chord with me.

So now that he is being accused — and I am sure UNJUSTLY — of these wrongdoings I am getting e-mails from ‘my friends’ (though in reality I have none) making fun and basically saying ‘Ha, Ha, Ha’.

My take.


Even if he took it for his own personal gain, and no one is saying that exactly, he more than deserves U.S. $20M for his sterling service to the Church.

So what?

I am sure that he, as ever, was only doing what he was asked to do by the (let me just say) ‘questionable’ German Pope — who proved his lack of integrity by resigning the papacy! So, as ever, I would NOT blame ‘My Man’ Bertone. He most likely was only doing what was asked of him — obedience and duty, very atypical for a contemporary Church prelate, his hallmarks.

So, I say again: So what if he took U.S. $20M.

Just goes to show that all Catholic prelates, especially Cardinals, cannot be trusted!


He was the #2 man at the Vatican. So if he stole U.S. $20M just shows. So what?

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