Pope Francis’ ‘Door Open’ For Ending Priestly Celibacy Will ONLY Be Universally Welcome IF Gay Marriage Is Allowed!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access NBC News coverage. Google 'pope celibacy' for much more.

Click to access NBC News coverage. Google ‘pope celibacy’ for much more.

My thinking here, as is invariably my wont, is very straightforward, candid and brutally honest. I could, as ever be wrong, but this is my opinion.

I am not at all convinced, by a long chalk, that all Catholic priests, worldwide, are sexually ‘normal’ (in its broadest constatations) and are, moreover, all hetrosexual IF given the chance.

My basic premise, oft stated with candor, is that I really, based on my personal, hands on experience, do not believe that a normal, healthy ‘young’ man can commit to a life of celibacy UNLESS there is something not right with him or he does not, for a minute, intend to take the vow of celibacy seriously. All the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of egregious sex crimes committed by Catholic priests, for so long, provide ample irrefutable testament to that thesis that many Catholic priests think that their vow is celibacy is a joke. As I have chronicled in my ‘Popes and Papacy’ blog Austria is supposed to have at least 300 legally married Catholic priests who openly defy the Church administration!

I also believe, and I could be, as ever wrong, that at least 50% of worldwide Catholic priests that have normal or even semi-normal sexual ‘feelings’ (if not ‘urgings’) are NOT hetrosexaul. Google this. There is even a Wikipedia entry about this! My reasoning is based on that I think the celibacy ‘cloak’ provides a nice convenient cover for those that do not want their orientation to be too obvious.

I think you can work out the rest. Basically what I am saying is that UNLESS Gay Marriage is also permitted — and I think pigs will fly first — all Catholic priests, across the world, will not be delighted IF the Church ever puts an end to clerical celibacy. Because without that cover, they will have to answer questions as to “why aren’t you married?”

But before I conclude this, it is important that I point out YET AGAIN that this latest pontification by Francis is nothing other than provocative IDLE CHATTER to get media coverage. What he says is true. All of us who understand the buts-and-bolts of Catholicism know that clerical celibacy is not dogma. But it is deeply entrenched Catholic ideology and teaching. Yes, of course, the pope can change it. Yes, he has the power. But, here is the rub and nub. This pope does not have the motive or intention to change it. Behind this ‘Mr. Nice Guy’ public persona is a very-conservative Jesuit. He had to have signed a OATH before he was created a cardinal that he would uphold all existing Church teachings — and clerical celibacy is on the Top 5. Yes, popes love to break oaths, but this one won’t especially on the matter of sowing oats.

So just be careful.

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