D-Day 70th Anniversary, June 6, 2014: Homage To The Remarkable Beach Taming Hobart’s Funnies.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.DDay70thAnuraGuruge


Anura Guruge

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The D-Day, June 6, 1944, ‘Battle for Normandy’,
indubitably has to be the most significant battle
ever fought in the long history of mankind.

It was, quite simply, to determine the future shape and complexion of the whole World.

If WE hadn’t won that battle the World today would be very different.

It was an amazing achievement for the ALLIES. We should never forget that.

Yes, it truly was a concerted Allied offensive. Troops from 12 countries, totalling altogether 156,000 souls, took part: United Kingdom (U.K.), United States (U.S.), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Free France, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece & Norway.

At least 4,414 died on our side — and there were at least 8,000 more injured.

[Not sure why we didn’t have troops from South Africa, India and in particular the amazing Nepali Gurkhas on D-Day. Maybe they were deployed in other places.]

Yep, we whipped and whupped the bloody Germans and that in the end was all that mattered.

I, for a change, do NOT subscribe to the nationalistic jingoism that sometimes gets imbued into discussions, descriptions and documentaries about D-Day. It was a COMBINED joint ALLIED effort. They all fought, they all died, they all got wounded BUT in the END WE ALL WON and we whupped the bloody Germans.

Major General, Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart KBE CB DSO MC (14 June 1885 – 19 February 1957), was a brilliant (a tad eccentric as all good Brits are expected to be) British (born in India) military engineer and Armoured Division Commander. His sister was married to Britain’s WW II legend (and one of my heroes) Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of AlameinKGGCBDSOPC (17 November 1887 – 24 March 1976). So Hobart and Monty were brothers-in-law.

Click to access Wikipedia entry for Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart KBE CB DSO MC.

Click to access Wikipedia entry for Sir Percy Cleghorn Stanley Hobart KBE CB DSO MC.

General Hobart at Churchill’s express behest designed a whole bunch of amazing tank-based armoured vehicles to tame the beaches of Normandy and to whup the Germans. These were affectionately known as “Hobart’s Funnies”. They worked. The British used them, very effectively, on D-Day in Normandy. That, now, is all that matters.

Let us now celebrate and remember the Hobart’s Funnies.





Click to access original and MORE.

Click to access Wikipedia entry for "Hobart's Funnies".

Click to access Wikipedia entry for “Hobart’s Funnies”.

Google “Hobart’s Funnies” for MUCH more. They were truly remarkable.

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