Pope Francis Should Stop Picking On Former Vatican Secretary of State, ‘My Man’, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access the U.K. ‘The Independent’ coverage. Google for more including ‘The Guardian’ coverage.

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Picture of the Bertone digs. From ‘Italia Il Secolo XIX’. Click to access.

For the second time in less than a week ‘they’, i.e. a small faction within the Vatican, is picking on poor (U.S. $20M notwithstanding), My Lord, Cardinal Tarcisio Pietro Evasio BertoneS.D.B.

This is stupid, uncalled for, uncharitable, unChristian and above all dangerous. 

Leave the poor (U.S. $20M notwithstanding) 79-year old man ALONE. He has done so much for the Church and humanity. He is a good man. That I like him is no secret. I wanted HIM to be the Pope. He would have made an awesome, imposing pope.

My Lord Bertone is the ultimate Italian INSIDER — and he has been that for decades, even before he was the Vatican’s #2 man for nearly 7 years. There was a Bertone ‘Mafia’ within the Vatican. Bertone got things done. Bertone achieved much — whether people liked what he achieved or not.

He really is a Godfather in the true sense of the word. He deserves to live in a fancy, palatial penthouse worthy of a Godfather — and he should, if he is so inclined (and on that I am not that sure), he allowed to have as many Penthouse Pets as he wants.

That the Pope lives, my choice, in a 1-bedroom suite is neither here nor there. He still keeps the ultra-palatial Apostolic Palace and spends his days in there.

Bertone is a true Prince of the Church. Let him be. Let him live like a Prince. He has earned it all.

And never forget. He is Italian, through-and-through. This pope is a foreigner. Bona fide Italians, especially with the clout that Bertone commands, have ways of dealing with uppity foreigners — and they have been doing so for millennia.  

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