Alton Central School (ACS), N.H.: Major Bullying Case Now In Play. Heads Up. This Is V. Serious.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Worrying bullying cases at ACS seem to be endemic.

A really bad situation, with physical violence (i.e., kid’s head been banged into a locker with consequent bleeding and scarring), has been going on at ACS for the last month or so. Lawyers, from both sides, have been involved as has some town officials. At least one kid has been taken out of ACS to be homeschooled because of this ongoing situation. [We can relate to that. We took Devanee out of ACS and homeschooled her for a year because of bullying at ACS.]

I have been getting updates on this bullying case for the last ‘month’ but I declined to say anything because of some ‘sensitivities’.

Today things have escalated further. It has got real serious.

This case could have some far reaching repercussions.

Hopefully something will finally get done about this never-ending bullying incidents at ACS.

I will post what I can and what I think I can divulge.

So the Principal, who was constantly ‘under the gun’ for bullying, will be leaving under a dark cloud, bullying still a major unresolved and now openly festering issue at ACS.

I could be wrong but I have a feeling that there will once again be parents at the next ACS School Board meeting talking about bullying. [Search my past posts!]

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