Alton (N.H.) Town Wide Yard Sale — Saturday, June 7, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. What we bought at the Alton Town Wide yard sales today. Deanna bought the plants and brackets for hanging up plants. Teischan bought the puppy. I bought the rest.

Yes, today, June 7, 2014, was the annual Alton Town Wide Yard Sale.

Yes, I should have reminded you about it earlier in the week. My bad. My fault. IF you haven’t noticed I have been a tad busy even by my standards and YOU really don’t get to see me working ‘like a brown’ on my latest pope book. I am going to share a secret with YOU. Don’t tell anyone. Finally after 31 years as a published author (yes, my first book came out in 1983) I have worked out a title that will SELL! Yes, I am taking the advice of my two older kids who have been telling me for years that I should write about sex. Deanna tells me that too. OK. Finally got it figured out. It is exciting. Can’t wait to start writing it. But discipline is also a major plank of my life. So I don’t want to abandon the latest pope book, 65% done, and start writing a new one — though to be fair I do have about 6 other unfinished books! But, I had not gone too far with them. So right now I am writing even faster and more frenziedly than ever because I want this book done, published and out of the way. Then I can write a book about sex. So, I am busy … Plus all this Alton Central School stuff, especially the bullying.

So that is my mitigation as to why I didn’t get around to reminding you about the Yard Sale. Sssshhhh! Don’t tell anybody about the sex book. It is our secret.


Of course we went picking today. We left ‘early’ — for me. We were out of the house at 8:50 am. That is early. Usually I am still in bed at 9:20 am.

Not sure whether this was a bumper year for yard sales in Alton.

There were quite a few. We didn’t do much. This was kind of a half-hearted picking day. Biggest problem is that we just don’t have any space! Need a bigger house.

I only get stuff that appeal to me as a picker. Nothing that I really need or want. I realize that old phones are getting hard to find. I won’t mention names because they are ‘friends’ BUT I saw an old BLACK phone for sale in Alton last week for $15! So I have decided I am going to collect old phones. I got this phone for 25 cents! The mike was $1!

No, I do not plan to take up X-country skiing. Those are all wood skis made in Norway. I won’t even tell you how much I paid for them but lets just say that I got change from a $5 bill and the guy, very, very nice, insisted that I take 4 poles. [I got the phone and mike from him too.]

The two blinds will come in handy as replacements. OF what I bought, as opposed to Deanna, they are the only functional items. We did buy a rather cute, metal, fly swatter but it must still be in the van.

So that was our Alton Town Wide Yard Sale 2014.

By noon it was very hot. Though we, as ever, stopped at McDonalds, Teischan had enough and wanted to come home. I don’t blame her. It was getting too hot!

We will probably cruise around for a bit tomorrow too. There is always good stuff left on Sunday afternoon.


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