GoDaddy Files For IPO

Anura Guruge

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Click to access original article at 'MarketWatch'.

Click to access original article at ‘MarketWatch’.

That GoDaddy, my Domain Registrar, Web hosting & e-mail provider, is planning to go public has been no secret. I think it first got talked about over 18 months ago.

In a way I am glad. Being public might keep them on their toes — something that has been sadly lacking, to my costs, over the last year or so, since $11 million/year ex-Microsoft Blake Irving took over the reigns from Bob Parson.

I have been with GoDaddy since at least 2002, maybe even earlier. I was their greatest fan and must have recommended them to hundreds.

Yes, GoDaddy has helped me and for that I will always be grateful — their biggest help coming in February 2013, the day the Pope quit and I was getting 150 hits per SECOND on my ‘popes and papacy‘ blog, hosted by GoDaddy. I am too entrenched with GoDaddy for me to ever stop being a customer. But of late I have been using Yola for more and more of my Web hosting needs. Yola isn’t perfect but they are cost effective. Pricing and support are my bugbears with GoDaddy. Charging existing customers more for Web hosting that new customers seem wrong to me. Yes, I know that this is a common ploy but I had hoped that GoDaddy, which used to be SO, SO customer-oriented would do getter. And then there is support. GoDaddy used to have ‘decent’ support. Now it is cavalier beyond belief. A shame. I don’t get it. Bob Parson appeared to have it ALL RIGHT. Now it has all been thrown to the wind.

The numbers reported for the IPO are sobering. A $200 million loss is a $200 loss and it blows my mind that Blake Irving is getting paid $10 million a year to lose $200 million. What a deal.

While the GoDaddy stock probably will do well I do not think that I will be subscribing. 

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