An Orgasm A Day Target Tables Now That Tefina From Trimel Pharmaceuticals Might Make This Easier For All.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



by Anura Guruge

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Full Disclosure:
 own shares in Trimel.

Following yesterday’s post where I talked about the lifetime orgasm numbers you should be aiming for etc., it occurred to me that I should share with you some ‘planning’ tables — though they are very easy to work out, and I had been thinking of saving them to use in my first book on this delightful subject. But, I decided to share. Click to ENLARGE. Not profound, at all. Easy to work out. Dear ladies — just multiply these numbers, for us poor men, by 2 (or greater). SMILE. And you all will sure be SMILING. Why do you think that I smile so much.


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