West Indies Lineup For The 2nd Test Against New Zealand — If Nothing Else Chanderpaul Must Be At #3.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to access original, plus entire 1st Test gallery, at CricInfo.

Click to access original, plus entire 1st Test gallery, at CricInfo.

Of course we could have and should have done better. But, this is the ‘modern’, 21st century WI team. Yes, of course, calamities like this did not happen with ‘my’ team. But, c’est la vie. This is all part of the magic of Caribbean cricket.

Not sure why Shiv is batting at #4. He should be at #3. Any talk about that he needs a bit more time for the shine to be taken off the ball (or similar) is bogus. With Powell and Edwards at #2 & #3 he is coming in when the ball is but a few overs old. So what is the difference. Reminds me of a ‘important’ match I played for IBM. The captain, Guy Wilson, tells me “OK. I will open. I will take the new ball. You can then come in at #3 and smash a few quick runs”.  He was out first ball. I might as well have opened! So that is my logic for Shiv. Yes, he is 40. Reactions are not what it was, BUT you can’t top is experience. He always needed a bit more time. Going in at #3 would give him that time. Here is my thinking. IF he had gone in at #3, and yes, of course, things could have changed, he might have got to hundred in the first innings. IF he did get that hundred and there were, lets say two wickets left, he might have given us another quick 50. So we could have had say 80 more runs — just by virtue of him coming in one wicket earlier. 80 runs in the first innings could have changed the whole complexion.

So, Shiv definitely should be at #3.

Where is Sammy? I, if my life depended on it, will always, but always, pick half-brother Dwayne over Darren. Yea, yea, yea. Darren looks the part etc., BUT Dwayne is the fighter and that is what we again need in the side. Some fighters.

Marlon breaks my heart and my heart goes out to him. He, when firing on most of his cylinders, is so good. But, he is looking more and more pedestrian of late. I think, and I hate to say this, but we need to ditch him. Put him out of his misery.

They have to bring Dwayne Smith back. He will start clicking soon. He inspires more confidence than Powell. Ditto Simmons for Edwards. Screw their current averages. Look at temperament and potential. Is Narine injured.

Well this is my take.

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