Deanna Replaced The Screen On Teischan’s Toshiba Satellite C855D-S5315 Laptop — Quite Easily.

chromebooklog666Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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The replacement screen, from “East Coast LCDs”, that we got from Amazon. Click to access Amazon page.


The OUTSTANDING, spot-on, YouTube tutorial video we used from ‘Screen Surgeons’. Excellent. Everything was as shown on the video. THANKS.

What the broken screen looked like. The crack is diagonal, left-to-right, from top-middle … You should be able to see the two lines. Click to ENLARGE.

Last Sunday, June 8, Deanna going down the stairs from our 4th floor office, tripped on Teischan’s Toshiba Satellite. Teischan had left it in the middle of the stairs — for me to take up and charge. She tends to do that. Leave her laptop or pad on the stairs for Dad to take up to charge. This time it didn’t work like that. Initially we thought that we had got away with no damage to the laptop. Alas, not so. The screen was broken. I was very upset.

I had got the Toshiba, last March (i.e., 2013), for Teischan’s 7th birthday — from TigerDirect, refurbished. It had been one heck of a deal. A quick check of TigerDirect and Amazon proved that I would not be able to get an equivalent laptop, refurbished or otherwise, for even close to what I had paid in 2013 for this laptop. Laptop prices rather than coming down due to the lack of demand precipitated by Pads is actually going up. I was very distressed. Late that night I went looking for screen replacement tutorials on YouTube and found the one shown above. It was excellent. Made me realize that we could try and do it. I then went to Amazon looking for a screen. Found the one shown above. Price was good PLUS it was from Amazon. So I knew that returning it, if we had issues, would not be a problem.

It came on Friday. That was excellent.

My PC guy, Shane Selling of Hexacopter fame, gave me some advice over e-mail: “make a diagram of the laptop and put all the screws, in the right place, on that diagram”. That was good. Thanks, Shane. Taking it to Shane, if we screwed up (with the screws) was always the contingency.

On Sunday we got ready for the ‘surgery’. I got Deanna to watch the video the night before. She, after watching it, was very confident that she could do it. That suited me fine. She is good at detailed, finicky work — and that would let me catch up on my writing. A couple of years ago, again following a YouTube video, Deanna had very successfully replaced a DVD drive in Devanee’s ASUS laptop. So I knew she could work on laptops.

Well I made sure she was all set with the tools. She had her ASUS laptop with the video running. Devanee stood by to help. We eventually sent Teischan away because she was getting in the way. I did some writing.

It was, per Deanna and Devanee, exactly as shown on the YouTube. Thank YOU. That was excellent. Maybe it took 20 minutes. We were not rushing. We lost 5 minutes because I lost the bezel. When Deanna took it off I put it in a safe place and then couldn’t find it. Old age.

Other than misplacing the bezel, which we eventually found, ‘right there’, all went fine.

Laptop looks like new. Works fine. I am delighted.

So just wanted to share that replacing a laptop screen isn’t that hard and can be done at home.

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