Everything Is Going To Be Fine In Iraq. No Need For U.S. Or Iranian Intervention. Pope Francis Is PRAYING For Peace & Reconciliation.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access Vatican Information Service (VIS) bulletin.

Click to access Vatican Information Service (VIS) bulletin.

We should be all set.

Pope Francis is PRAYING for peace and reconciliation.

So it should be all over in a couple of hours. Everybody buddies again sharing a communal meal.

I only have ONE QUESTION. Why didn’t he pray for peace earlier?

Didn’t he have a prayer meeting with Israeli and Palestinian Heads of State just last week. Didn’t they pray for peace then? Or was it that he wasn’t too specific and God insist that you be specific.

 It was just yesterday that I wrote about my deep seated doubts about the power of prayer — BUT at the same time the Pope praying to God isn’t the same as me trying to entreat God. The Pope, by his own admission, is the VICAR (i.e., representative) of Christ on Earth. He is God’s Ambassador. So God really should listen to him.

This is such a WONDERFUL concept. So much cheaper, in terms of lives, suffering and money, than war. The pope just prays for peace.

Makes you wonder … right? Or at least makes me wonder. Why haven’t popes in the past prayed for peace. It would have been so useful … say during WW II.

So, lets wait and see. THE POWER OF THE POPE’S PRAYERS.

So if the conflict in Iraq doesn’t come to an end, by the end of today, I am going to think and CLAIM that the pope’s prayers did NOT work.


And if the pope’s prayers don’t work, you think YOU have a chance?

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