Do I Now Need To Start Working On The “Next Pope” After Pope Francis, i.e., Papabili For 2014?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Yes, I have heard the rumors. Click on above IF you want more of the scuttlebutt about him putting on 20 pounds or breathing hard (and please note that I have refrained from making any jokes about that).

It is extremely normal for popes to take some time off in the Summer. Most couldn’t wait to get down to Castel Gandolfo — their (latest) summer residence. This pope, her his “I want to lead a simple life” mantra, has avoided visiting Gandolfo. But, here is yet another example of his “lack of resolve” (and I am trying to be nice). He has all the authority in the World to sell Castle Gandolfo or any other property owned by the Church. Sell Castel Gandolfo. It would make a World Class 8-star Resort. I am sure you are talking at least U.S. $50 million — most likely much more. That would help a bit with world poverty.

What is slightly strange is that the Vatican had already issued tickets for Wednesday morning audiences in July. Hhhmmm.

But, I for one do not take this short hiatus as anything too untoward. Popes are human though they might want us to think otherwise.

Him putting on 20 pounds, I think, goes with the job. Prior to coming pope, as the story goes, he cooked for himself on a single hot plate. As far as I know (given that he has yet to invite me for breakfast) he has breakfast and dinner at the Domus Sanctae Marthae — which is a ‘hotel’. But most days he eats lunch in the Papal Apartments. I am sure he is getting better food now than he was ever accustomed to. Yes, “OK”, with his half a lung he could be retaining fluids. But I am sure that ‘they’ can keep him going for another 15 years IF ‘they’ want to. And that is the rub. IF ‘THEY’ want to.

I did, in September 2013,

do a 2014 papabili list.

For today I can stand by that list. All the sentiments I expressed in that post are still 100% valid.

But, I will, as of today, start working on a better list of ‘NEXT POPES‘  after Francis. That, I think, is my job — though I will make sure I only spend 1/1,000 of the time and energy I did when I did that for Benedict.

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