Sad To Report That Dr. James (Jim) Eakin, THE BEST Eye Doctor In Central New Hampshire, Retired Today.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013...


Anura Guruge

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Dr. James (Jim) Eakin, THE BEST … —  Sep. 26, 2013.


We just heard this morning.

We are very sad and distressed.

He was BEYOND good.

A great loss to New Hampshire.

He did so much, pro bono, for children.

We saw him two weeks ago on June 5th. Deanna had an eye exam, and as is always the deal, I went in with her and chatted with Jim in-between him studiously doing his ever so thorough exam.

We talked about the usual things: popes, tennis, Newport, ‘friends’ from Rotary (in particular ‘John‘) … He said he was having issues with his hip. He had stopped playing tennis in March — which we figured was the first time he had ever stopped playing tennis.

And then this call this morning. He has retired!

Teischan had an appointment with him next Tuesday.

Just talked to THE ‘John‘. He had just heard the news too. He had known Jim for 30 years longer than I. So he managed to get more information than had Deanna.


He is Salt of the Earth.

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