Wonderful News: Lisa DiMartino Is Running Again For HER Belknap County, District 2 (Gilford & Meredith) Seat In New Hampshire.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This was wonderful, wonderful news. I heard the news late last week and was elated. WE so wanted her to keep on representing us (as in all of 47% in New Hampshire) in Concord because Lisa, as we knew, did such a wonderful job — especially when it came to all matters to do with kids, education and healthcare.

Thank YOU, Lisa.

Yes, I will take a modicum of credit for making sure that Lisa ran again. Lisa has a lot of family commitments and was concerned that she might not be able to devote the time and energy to both home and Concord as she wanted. Everytime I saw her, and in a few e-mails, I kept on assuring her that she will do fine and that she will, somehow, find the time and energy to do both important tasks. I know I was not alone. We are so happy.

I have already e-mailed her to let her know that WE will go door-to-door for HER as we did, with great pleasure and success, in 2012. WOW. She is so well liked in Gilford. As soon as you told someone in Gilford that you were on their doorstep to talk about Lisa DiMartino a smile would cross their lips. She transcended petty party politics in Gilford. I am sure she will do great again in Gilford and Meredith. I will know. Having visited at least 300 doors in the 2008 and 2012 campaigns I have got good at doing my own, ‘in the head’ polling. In 2012, from the start, I knew Lisa had it in the bag. Was not sure about any of the others — but with Lisa I was 100% confident. But, we will start afresh in 2014.

Yes, at a MINIMUM Devanee will do visibility for Lisa, alongside Lisa I assume, at Gilford, as she did in 2012. She adores Lisa. So that will be good.

Devanee and Lisa, outside the Gilford polling station, election day 2012.

I saw that Andrew Hosmer just won a prestigious award by N.H. ‘nurses’ (I think). That is GREAT. He has been a wonderful, exemplary Senator. Thank YOU, Andrew. Yes, we will pound the pavement for you TOO.

Had a brief chat with our Hannaford pharmacist and N.H. Senate Candidate Richard Leonard on Father’s Day — mainly to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. He is doing well and his campaign is going well. So that is great news too.

I see that the ‘RINO‘ has decided to run again. I hope the Republicans treat him with the contempt he deserves. But here is the funniest thing. All the Democrats are so glad he is running. They even tell me that I should help him! They consider him a de facto Democrat! 

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