Richard Leonard, N.H. Senate District 6: Nashua Telegraph Cites As A Most Likely Red-to-Blue Flip.


by Anura Guruge

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Quintessential Richard Leonard, ‘Salt of the Earth’, ‘A Man of the People’ — always ready to lend a helping hand, a free bag of apples, free fruit to schools and free vegetables to the homeless. Bravo, Richard Leonard.


Click to access to read the whole story.

We are HUGE Richard Leonard fans and supporters.

This Nashua Telegraph prediction is wonderful news.
Bravo Richard Leonard.

He is OUR very professional pharmacist at Alton Hannaford

If you don’t have the privilege and pleasure of knowing Richard and you are in NH Senate District 6 YOU owe it to yourself to stop by Alton Hannaford and say “Hi” to Richard.

He is there most of the time. Though invariably busy he will make time to talk to you.

He is an amazing individual, an exemplary human being.

He is a very caring person who does much for charity, the underprivileged and the community [e.g., very active Library Trustee in New Durham]. He is a very sober and serious politician who is running for NH Senate because he cares deeply about the “average” people in Central New Hampshire. As a pharmacist Richard on a daily basis gets to see what “average” folks in New Hampshire have to contend with — especially when it comes to health care. To him the ‘horror stories’ are not anecdotal stuff he sees on Craig’s List. He has to help these people — and Richard, trust us on this because we know, always goes the extra mile to see what he can do to alleviate the pain and the suffering.

Think about it. He is a pharmacist. People’s lives depend on his expertise, care and attention. He is ‘up there’ alongside doctors. He does a very crucial job for society. That makes him ideally qualified for the post he is seeking. We need educated, cerebral, down-to-earth professionals like Richard Leonard in Concord. We lucked out in having Andrew Hosmer in the Senate and Lisa DiMartino in the House — though neither of them required ‘luck’ per se given their enormous popularity within their constituency.

I am feeling GOOD about Richard Leonard’s run this time. Last time around, as the Nashua Telegraph, so rightly points out, he got a late start. This time he is in good shape.

So, I only PLEASE ask you one thing and one thing alone: IF you are a voter in NH 6th District and you have never had the joy of meeting Richard Leonard, ‘Salt of the Earth’, PLEASE stop by Alton Hannaford and say “Hi” to him. It will make YOUR DAY and will transform YOUR life! Promise.

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