This Blog, My ‘’, Clicks Past 350,000 Hit Mark 4 Months After Crossing 250,000.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.250post1345

Anura Guruge

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Check ‘Blog Stats’ on sidebar >>>>^^^^

This blog crossed 250,000 hits on Valentine’s Day this year. It was a Valentine’s Day gift for me.

It crossed 350,000 yesterday.

So that, per my calculations, is 100,000 hits in 125 days. I think that averages out at 800 hits a day.

Yes, that I can get 800 hits a day with my own personal unthematic, often irreverent, though never irrelevant musing, some even perverse (by design) amuses me. This is very much MY blog, a very real and true canvas of who I am.

I have written, daily, with hardly any breaks of more than a few days, since 1989. To start with, putting aside the books, it was articles. I started blogging around 2004. This by no means is my only blog. I have a lot. Scheck the sidebar for some. I register new ones quite often. My “Popes and Papacy”, though I stopped updating it 15 months ago, is still my most popular of blogs. I just checked the stats on that: 649,896. So just between those two blogs I have had a MILLION hits. I do have another pope blog,, with 192,000 hits and a Windows 7 blog with 215,000 hits. So, I have crossed the million mark months ago.

That is cool.

I like to provide people with what they are looking for whether it be New Hampshire property tax rates or the latest INTERESTING Google Doodle.

Not sure how many other people around here in central New Hampshire get 800 hits a day on their Web content.

Thank you folks. Yes, of course, I will give you what you are looking for. That is my goal and mission. You know that thing about we aim to please.

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