Evelyn H. & Albert D. Morse, Sr. Preserve, With Lots Of Wild Blueberries In July, In Alton, New Hampshire.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access official topographic map by the Society — as a one page PDF.

I took the kids to the Alton Gilman Library the other day and as is my wont picked up a handful of the old magazines they were giving away. That is about the only thing I get from the library these days because I have at least 40 books lined up to read. These magazines are a treat.

One of the magazines I had picked up was from the “Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests”. It was from last year.

They featured this preserve on the first page. Now that I think about it I have heard of it, mainly in the context of Full Moon snowshoe hikes, but I have never taken much notice till now. Unlike me because as a Granite State Ambassador (GSA), as of 2001, I try to keep track of this stuff. It is now in the ‘data bank’. We will give it a go … soon. We have access to blueberries but the kids love to pick them. So they will like it. Yes, you know I will share pictures and details with you.

Crazy schedules the next couple of weeks — and that takes us into mid-July. Gather from the article that that is when the blueberries are at their best. So this should work out. By all means beat us to it. Enjoy.

P.S., Don’t forget Knight’s Pond. We need to do that this year. Braxton has yet to visit. But, unlike the Golden’s he is NOT a water dog. So he is unlikely to swim … while we walk.