June 23, 2014, Today, 40th Anniversary Of The 1st Commercial Installation Of An UPC Barcode Scanner.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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barcode40th1Not something I would have known or something that I track. I remember encountering bar codes, for the first time, at IBM Hursley (U.K.), around 1976. UPC hadn’t made it to the U.K. at the time. I didn’t fully appreciate its potential. Kind of knew that it was invented by an IBMer. Happened to see this 40th anniversary announcement on a “Request for Paper” submission I got a few minutes ago — yes, folks still send them to me. I looked it up. Not much is being made of today’s anniversary because it appears that they celebrated the 40th birthday of the ‘introduction’ of UPC last year. Today’s significance is that it was when a actual product was first scanned as part of a sale. Worth noting.


This is the announcement I saw today — a few minutes ago. Click to access the request for paper submission.


I then found this WITHOUT ’23’ but it was easy enough to put the two together. Not like it is something that somebody would lie about. Click to access. This is from the National Bar Code Association.