“Hyde Park On Hudson” — A Delightful, Poignant, Historically Accurate & Educational Movie.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'IMDB.com' description ...

Click to access ‘IMDB.com’ description …

Picture from the "Hot Dog" picnic. From the National Archives ... which actually has a blog with a post on the 'Hot Dogs'. Click to access.

Picture from the “Hot Dog” picnic. From the National Archives … which actually has a blog with a post on the ‘Hot Dogs’. Click to access.

I have been meaning to catch this movie for ‘months’ and we finally got, thanks to the HBO weekend, to DVR it and watch it over the weekend. We both liked it. It will be hard NOT to like this movie. Very well done. I did not know any of this about FDR and it was quite an eye opener. Most of what I know of him one way or another is related to the close relationship he had with Churchill during WW II.

I was not aware of the Hot Dog menu and picnic. In this movie they seems to have gone out of their way to make them look more phallic than they need to be. But, it is a movie and they have to make a point.

Quite a guy FDR. It portrays him very warmly and he comes across as very avuncular. The emerging relationship between him and the King is fascinating and very poignant. Very good. A definite must watch. Up there with “King’s Speech” — which I rented and watched the day it was released on DVD.

I will now never be able to eat another hot dog, and I eat a few A DAY, without thinking of the King, FDR, Eleanor, Daisy and the extravagantly curved hot dogs depicted in the movie.