‘Cirque Du Soleil’ “Varekai” At The Verizon In Manchester (N.H.) On June 29 Was Awesome. Brilliant.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Deanna couldn’t stop gushing during the intermission or at the end. She said that it had her stomach in knots. It sure was brilliant.

Phil Spector, in the 1970s, gave us a ‘Wall of Sound‘. Cirque gives you that too — their music haunting and pulsating at the same time. That they had a piper, way up on the roof, right after the intermission was a bonus. It was good. We bought the CD — Devanee asked for it!

It was our 3rd Cirque Du Soleil and the second at the Verizon Arena in Manchester; the other two having been Mystère in Las Vegas in April 2012 and Dralion, a month later, in Manchester. The goal is to see as many Cirque performances as we can in addition to our yearly dose of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey at the Verizon. Last year we also saw the breathtaking CIRQUE ALFONSE ‘Timber’ At The Dartmouth (N.H.) Hop — they too from Canada.

A couple of weeks ago when I said that Gordon Lightfoot, indubitably, is the best thing that had ever come out of Canada I had FORGOTTEN that Cirque — Soleil and Alfonse — are Canadian! My fault. My bad. I think of Cirque du Soleil as Las Vegan THOUGH I know better. My fault. I will fix that. Both Cirques and Gordon are the best things that have ever come out of Canada with ‘Soleil’ at the top.

Magical. Breathtaking. If I try to analyze each element, e.g., juggling, aerial, tumbling, magic, clowns etc., we have seen, over the years, as good at other circuses — BUT somehow Cirque du Soleil manages to AMP it up — add another dimension. Make it way more special. The juggling. The speed was phenomenal. I have seen lots of good juggling BUT never at this speed. And I have never seen, as far as I recall, anybody juggling ping pong balls from their mouth like we saw yesterday. The aerial acts — the Cirque du Soleil signature items. Wow. Wow. Wow.

And then you have the Canadian element — the irreverent, slapstick, British pantomime humor. So you get the fat and underwear jokes and in this case a fat girl continually exposing her underwear. Everybody loved it THOUGH you would never get an American company doing it because it would not be considered ‘Politically Correct’. But Cirque, as they should, gets away with it.

Total, sheer sensory overload — but in a lovely way. So much to take in. Yes, some very provocative, revealing costumes — mainly on the men! The kids noticed, but that is OK. The human body with all its parts.

Since I am very familiar with the seating configurations at the Verizon I managed to get decent seats for not that much money — though Deanna still thinks I pay too much. But, to be fair, the seats costs HALF what we paid in Las Vegas to see Mystère in Las Vegas and these were better seats. Folks, at the Verizon, getting the very expensive floor seating isn’t worth it for the circuses. The floor seating has no banking. It is all flat. For these shows you need a bit of elevation so you can see the whole stage. Plus the Verizon is steeply banked. So from the banked seats you get a good vista. Get tickets in the ‘1xx’ sections. You will save $20 – $30 a seat and get a better view! PLUS, and Deanna wants me to do a separate post on this, please don’t pay $10, $15 or $20 to park, at the Verizon, for a weekend show! Street parking is FREE and there is plenty around.

So, bottom line: what can you say other than it is superb. Breathtaking. Magical. Wow. A gift. If you can catch a Cirque performance. You will remember it for life.

They didn’t have a DVD of the show. That was a bummer. Teischan likes DVDs of such shows. We typically get her the DVD of the Barnum circuses — because she will watch it. They had a CD of the music. Devanee wanted that — to play in the car. Got that. We also got the program ‘packet’ though at $20 it was a bit ‘rich’. But Deanna and the kids have already looked at it, more than once — and to me that is ‘OK’ if they ‘read’ it. 

So now already planning for the next Cirque — most likely the next one in Manchester. Seeing a Cirque, in a tent, in Boston, does not appeal.

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