Went Swimming In The Lake, i.e., Halfmoon Lake, Alton (N.H.), For The First Time In 2014 Yesterday — June 30.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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I thought I was at least a week behind ‘schedule’ and I was going to ‘blame’ it on us having been away much of last week. But I knew that I had the exact date of last year’s first swim enshrined, for posterity, on this blog.

WOW! I was actually 9 days ahead of last year. I am amazed, but pleased.

In my ‘middle ages’, given that I have lived in N.H.’s Lakes Region since 1991, mid-June used to be my traditional target date to start swimming in ‘the lake’ — the lakes over time having been ‘Shaw’s Pond’ in New Durham, the ‘Big Lake’ in Meredith (1997 – 1999) and Gilford (2000 – 2006) and now ‘Halfmoon’ in Alton since 2007.

Now much older and with considerably less insulation I need the water temps to be higher. Yesterday was tolerable. Maybe even pleasant. I did a decent swim.

I still feel the loss of 2 pounds of buoyancy as a result of losing weight. It is still very noticeable. All I can say is ‘WOW’ … who would have thought. I now make allowances for it.

Well, now that I started swimming I will try and swim, near daily, well into September. I like swimming. So in the Summer it becomes a run up Prospect Mountain in the morning and a swim in the evenings. Works for me.

So Summer is here. Come up and enjoy it folks.