I Prevail. Pope Francis Drops The Gold Pallium Pins That I Have Railed Against From Day 1.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access "L. A. Times" story.

Click to access “L. A. Times” story.

The gold, jewel encrusted pallium pins, a carry over from the prior pope, as those of you who follow my papal work know, have been a constant thorn in my side.

I railed against them when Benedict wore them and I made a point of highlighting the incongruity when Francis wore them — doing so as recently as April 27th of this year.

Most people knew that I had a point.

The Vatican Press Office, for obvious reasons, follow my posts.

I can’t and will not take all the credit for this BUT it is extremely gratifying. Good for ya’ Pope Francis. You did the right thing.

Timing could NOT have been better. I am within 3 ‘bullets’ of finishing my Pope Celestine V chapter and moving on my final chapter of “Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia“. That chapter, with 12 ‘bullets’, is “Pope Francis“. Now I will be extra ‘nice’ to him.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Now if I can just get him to auction off the 5 pins. Way out of my price range but I know at least one person who might be interested. (Mark?)