Alton, N.H. “4th Of July” Fireworks, Originally Scheduled For July 3rd, Now Moved To Saturday, July 5th, at 9:20 pm.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

Now pushed back all the way to July 12th!
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Had an e-mail about it in my mailbox when I opened it a few minutes ago.

I am indeed lucky. People kindly keep me informed of stuff like this (and other, some very intriguing happenings in town). IF you only knew.

Enjoy the fireworks, the parades, the concerts and cookouts. I sure plan to. Hectic, ever changing, schedule for the next 96 hours involving all of that, and more. As a patriotic Brit I am not sure, however, whether it is ‘politically correct’ to wish you all a ‘Happy 4th’.

Pompous, ultra-right-wing Joe Kernen of CNBC, who so far as insulted, on air, the Dutch and Indians, was trying to make a big deal that he has been wishing all his British colleagues a “Happy 4th of July” and that he can’t understand the frosty response he has got. Very old and stale story.

Happened to me, in person, on the 4th of July, 1985 — the first 4th on my second time around to the U.S. Was living in a rather posh, brand new, $350K homes with 4 acres each, development in Woodbine, Maryland — about 30 miles west of Baltimore. Very friendly and social community though they tried, to my amusement, to block a black couple from buying a house there. 4th of July 1985. Cookout at the folks across the road. Everybody is there. They all know us. We were the Brits, one talks funny and the other has a perfect BBC accent. This lady sidles up to me, puts her arm around my arm and asks: “So Anu, how do they celebrate the 4th in England?”

To this day I am so proud that I was immediately able to come up with “Very quietly, very quietly” in a flash — without even a moment of hesitation. Don’t know where or how I came up with that. But I was very pleased. She accepted that answer and didn’t probe me on that further. Just groped me a bit, but that was par for the course for me in the 1980s.

Those were the days that I used to fly back to the UK three to four times a year to do seminars. I always started my seminars with a 3 minute round of jokes. That was one of the many trademarks. I spent more time working on the jokes than I did on the subject matter of the seminar. For years, maybe six or seven years, that 4th of July exchange became a part of the 3-minute joke repertoire. It cracked up the Brits. never failed. And it really happened. Honest injun.