“Asticou Azalea Garden”, An Oasis Of Tranquility, In Northeast Harbor, ME — Just Outside The Boundaries Of Acadia National Park.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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schneiblelogo989We need to thank the delightful Anita L. Royer, wife of Douglas Schneible, the owners of the AMAZING “Schneible Fine Arts”, now with a New York-caliber gallery in Northeast Harbor, Maine, for telling us about this wonderful place. Yes, I plan to do a post on “Schneible Fine Arts”. WOW! I am no stranger to Eastern Art and have seen a lot of it in my time and travels, photo_red_HAT_234-107but what they had was good and they knew their stuff. All of it was way, way, way beyond anything I would ever be able to afford but that doesn’t faze me. I am glad that others get to enjoy some of the art I grew up around (though, alas, they didn’t, as yet, have any work from Sri Lanka).

Anita knew the Azalea Garden very well because prior to opening the Gallery on Main Street, Northeast Harbor, they used to exhibit some of their outdoor pieces at the Garden. She told us about its history, starting with John D. Rockefeller, so that we had an added layer of appreciation once we got there. Thank YOU, Mr. Rockefeller.

It is a wonderful oasis. We had driven past in a number of times, including on our way into ‘the Harbor’, but had not noticed it because we didn’t know about it. Glad we found it. So wanted to share it with you. It is entrance by ‘donation’. If you are tooling around Mount Desert Island, as you MUST, then stop here for at least 1/2 hour. You will not regret it.

Between Deanna and I, using two cameras, I had about 65 photos of these gardens. So I created this 3:05 minute video replete with some music. Enjoy.

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