Wolfeboro, N.H., ‘4th’ Fireworks On Sunday, July 6th, 2014, At Brewster Field, An Image Montage, Set To Music.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Wolfeboro, July 4, 2014 fireworks — July 4, 2014.

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Click to access fast-paced 1:22 minute YouTube video,  with music.

Click to access fast-paced 1:22 minute YouTube video, with music.

» » Lets just say it was “OK” and that the ‘grand finale’ was indeed ‘grand’ despite the ‘interruption’.

» » Thank you, you Wolfeboro.

» » LOT of people. More than I can remember having been there in 2012. [Last year we were in Portland.]

» » We didn’t get to Brewster much before 9:20 pm but given that we know our way around didn’t have any problems parking or getting our favorite place, on the rocks, ahead of the fireworks.

» » THANK YOU Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce for letting this blog be the de facto official Website for the postponed fireworks for 4 days. We are honored and delighted — not to say a tad amused. 2,200 hits is 2,200 hits. People pay Google a lot of money to get that kind of exposure. Happy to do it whenever. Just let me know.

» » There were TWO (2) unofficial firework shows in Wolfeboro, straight after the wonderful “Annie & The Orphans” concert on Saturday, July 5, 2014, from across Wolfeboro Bay, from Sewall Road. One, the first one, by design, was a non-stop, low altitude show while the next one, which started immediately after, was also non-stop, by featured ‘proper’ aerial bursts. BOTH SHOWS used electronic ignition as opposed to the one at Brewster where the fireworks were hand lit! Given the electronic ignition, both these shows were bang, bang, bang. No interruptions. So much so that there was a CONSTANT whistling sound, like a jet engine, from the fireworks going up one after the other. I don’t know who put these two shows. They were good. VERY GOOD. Thank you.

» » During the “Annie & The Orphans” concert Deanna and I watched, in amazement, as over 300 pounds of fireworks were loaded into a boat, on the private dock next door to Cate Park. But the boat was still there when we left the park close to 9:45 pm. So don’t know where they took all those fireworks. That would have been quite a show. Probably a minimum of $3,000 of fireworks!