What Is Going On In Meredith (N.H.), First Mame’s, Now Olde Province Commons Shopping Plaza At Foreclosure?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This used to be a supermarket. The only one in Meredith. Click to ENLARGE — for nostalgia.

Not sure whether I am as surprised at this foreclosure as I was of Mame’s. Though I knew it well, frequented it near daily, when I was in town and living in Meredith [1997 – 1999], and even knew (and socialized with) the firm of ‘Sticht & Ambrose‘ that developed it and owned it to begin with, I can’t say I have the same emotional attachment to this place as I had to Mame’s. During my time in Meredith, in addition to the supermarket, there was also a drugstore and NH Liquor Store there. It was a thriving ‘little’ place. I knew and heard that things started to go downhill a bit when the supermarket moved out. But, I thought things were on the up-and-up after Annalee Dolls moved in. [Yes, I knew the Thorndikes too.]

I did some quick checking today. Appears to have been most recently owned by a guy in Gilmanton, NH. Shame. But, the focus of Meredith really has changed, quite dramatically, to the waterfront. They have done a good job. Their downtown area is thriving from what I last saw — compared to say Alton. I hope these foreclosures are isolated incidents. I like Meredith.