Francis’ ‘One In 50’ Paedophilia Claim, Which Supposedly Includes Cardinals, Puts Him In Danger.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.francis1in5671


by Anura Guruge

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This was ONE HECK of a claim especially in an unrecorded interview with an atheist (though on the whole you can trust atheists because they are, of course, being very honest).

To be fair to Francis, and I always strive for that, ‘one-in-50‘, i.e., 2% is HALF that of what they think the rate is, worldwide, for adults. Thank GOD for that. So Catholic clergy is better than the average when it comes to molesting kids.

I checked, last night, with a good friend of mine — a dedicated, Catholic priest of 40 years. As I expected he was not ‘happy’. Talk about being tarred across the board.

Crazy busy again — but what is new. Really have to finish latest book on popes — though I do deal with paedophilia, and yes, of course, I know the rumors. IF I had the time I would love to work out who the 5 paedophile cardinals are! That is BIG.

Of course as pope Francis is different to most of us. But, he does seem to be antagonizing some very powerful and dangerous people. But, matters little to him. He goes straight to heaven to sit on the right of God, a bit further to the side, albeit, than John Paul II, John XXIII, Pius X, Celestine V etc. etc.

Compared to a cardinal spurned, the maffia is but pussycats! Any day of the week, even twice on a Sunday, I will mess with the mafia than with a cardinal. But here is where it gets even more intriguing. Some, and we will not mention names, Italian cardinals have some very ‘cordial’ relationships with the Mob. Hey, come on! They can’t help it. In some cases it really is family.

So the pope has now ‘cheesed off’, within 3 weeks, both the Mob and the cardinals.

Fine with me. I am, all said and done, Mr. Next Pope! Good for me. I will start getting ready. But, PLEASE let me get “Popes: 101 Facts & Trivia” published.

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