Walking The Northwest Side Of Wolfeboro, NH, On Governor John Wentworth Highway (Rte 109) — Peaceful But Imposing.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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My undisguised pleasure in walking around the ever beautiful Wolfeboro, ‘The Oldest Summer Resort in the U.S.’, year round, mainly around dusk (and often in the dark), have been faithfully chronicled on this blog over the last year. Most of this walking has been when I take Devanee for her weekly 2.5 hour rehearsals, Thursday nights, at Brewster, for “Clearlakes Chorale” though on a couple of times it was when I, rather than Deanna, took Teischan for ballet, with “Northeastern Ballet”, on a Saturday morning.

Well starting yesterday, for the rest of this week, it is “Great Waters Music Festival” and Devanee singing in their “An Evening of Broadway” festival chorus performance. Unlike with “Clearlakes”, which is mainly weekly, this is five-days of intensive practice and rehearsals. Since Devanee, yet again the youngest singer, is getting, very kindly and generously, a ‘scholarship’, she is attending all workshops and whatever. So luckily we are car pooling and various friends from “Clearlakes”, who also sing for “Great Waters”, are helping us out. Last night I drove and took a husband and wife, actually the couple, veterans of “Great Waters”, from New Durham, who arranged for Devanee’s scholarship, with us for the 7 pm to 9 pm ‘optional’ first practice.

They practice at the Wolfeboro, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” — yes, Mitt Romney’s Mormon Church. I have never been in there till last night though, over the years, I have visited the Mormon Mother Church in Salt Lake City, Ut., The ‘Brigham Young’ Church in Oahu, Hawaii, and the one in Mesa, Az that has (or at least had) a beautiful collection of petrified trees in its immaculately cared gardens. I spent a lot of time in Tempe, Az in 1980 and 1981 while working for ITT. I used to do a lot of exploring around, which is how by abiding love affair with Arizona began. That is how I discovered the Mormon Temple with the petrified trees in Mesa. I would stop by, on the way to dinner, for a quick stroll around the gardens. I was never approached. IF they had and had told me that I could have multiple wives they would have had a convert! But, I was young.

I have decided that I am NOT going to say much about the LSD Church in Wolfeboro other than that it is very utilitarian. It does, as I guess is the norm, have a Genealogy Room — which was closed when I was there. The sign at the front is very specific and says “Visitors Welcome” and the Genealogy Room actually does public educational programs. So, if you are curious go have a look.

The grounds, as is always the case, are well laid out and tended — though not a patch on Mesa, Salt Lake or Hawaii. But, still very nice, peaceful, tranquil — and at least at 7 pm last night resplendent in the sound of chirping birds though I couldn’t see any.

I had not planned to walk. The forecast had called for major storms. Though cloudy and threatening it did not rain between 7 pm and 8 pm. though I had already done my run in the morning I couldn’t resist taking a walk. In my book you can never get enough exercise. I am glad I did. Though I had walked up to, slightly beyond, the cemetery, starting at Brewster (and going back there), I had never walked much beyond the cemetery on Route 109, i.e., Governor John Wentworth Highway. I am sure glad I did. Some classic houses. Two derelict. I even walked through the cemetery. Glad I did. Only one there. They have the CUTEST little chapel. You can’t see it from the road. Looks like a little house. The “Frisbees” — as in the hospital, I assume — have a large memorial stone.

Lovely walk. Very tranquil. Lots of birds twittering. Mature yards and trees. Some classic houses and some v. expensive ones. Yes, I walked down a bit of ‘Wolfeboro Commons’. Nice. Nice. Nice.