The Apple – IBM App Development Deal — In Perspective.

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Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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As an Apple (AAPL) stock holder once again, and one who has held AAPL for years, I am, of course, happy that Apple and IBM are working together. Maybe not exactly a marriage made in heaven but it is close. Why they haven’t collaborated more in the past, when they both had a mutual common enemy, i.e., Microsoft, is one of the many mysteries that surround both of these ‘only if they had done this’ companies.

I, given that I truly have a vested interest, want to make sure that people understand that this, despite all the hype, is not any major breakthrough in technology. It is just leveraging Web-to-IBM, or Web-to-mainframe, technology that we put in place, with aplomb, in the mid- to late-1990s. The Apple ‘iApps’ are but, to use the correct terminology, the latest GUI front end to by now tried-and-tested Web-to-IBM technology. ‘Web-to-host’ was my forte during the halcyon days ‘’. To say I had a ball would be an understatement. Yes, I wrote the book, the first book, maybe the only, that has ‘i’ and IBM in the title. The legendary, Don Listwin, Cisco’s swashbuckling EVP of the day, wrote the Foreword. Though Don and I were friends, other folks in the industry just would not believe that THE ‘Don Listwin’ will bother to write a Foreword to my book. He did. He wanted to. I had good friends at Cisco and IBM. [OK. Stop smiling, let alone laughing].

I went and dug up these two diagrams from a White Paper I had written in March 2010. Look at the pictures. So basically what this Apple – IBM deal does is provide APPs that will provide this same type of data, from any IBM ‘host’, on a mobile device. Today you can do that using any Browser. But, it is OK to do it via an APP — but IBM should not ignore the Android platform.

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If you really want to check out the White Paper you can get it from here.
Scroll down until you see the ‘picture’ and the word ‘White Paper’.
Actually you can find quite a few of my White Papers on that site.

So it is all good. Just wanted to put the technology in its right place.

AAPL reports on July 22, 2014.