Another Friday, Another Concert Setup For Great Waters Music Festival — This Time “An Evening Of Broadway” Festival Chorus & Orchestra.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Last Friday it was the ever so fun ‘Gordon Lightfoot’ setup.

Today it was the set up for the Great Waters Music FestivalAn Evening On Broadway” Festival Chorus & Orchestra setup. As a volunteer stagehand for Great Waters I was gone from 11 am this morning till 4pm this afternoon. I lugged raisers, installed raisers, moved chairs, pushed speakers and did a bunch of small stuff. As ever it was great fun. Amazing group of people. Hard work but nobody complains and everybody pitches in. Despite my advancing years, I think I am the youngest of the bunch. That is OK. So, that is why I didn’t get to do many posts today. I was going to do one before I left BUT decided instead to watch the the 3rd day of the Sri Lanka vs. South Africa 1st Test from Galle.

I am in awe of Great Waters Music Festival. What an outfit. Wow.