YOU Do Realize That We May LOSE Obamacare, i.e. Affordable Care Act (ACA), Healthcare Subsidies In New Hampshire … RIGHT?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access excellent article in "Business Insider". This graphic from that article.

Click to access excellent article in “Business Insider”.

Click for Newsweek coverage. Google 'ACA subsidies' for more.

Click for Newsweek coverage. Google ‘ACA subsidies’ for more.

Given that I am an avowed news junkie I have known about this for months — maybe ever since the lawsuit was filed.

I even understand what is at the nub of this case. It is all about the wording. The Affordable Care Act, in its definitely finite wisdom, states, categorically that subsidies MAY be provided “through an Exchange established by the State”. That is the key — “an Exchange established by the State”. It was written and passed at a time when the belief was that most states would implement their OWN Healthcare Exchanges. Well that didn’t happen — certainly NOT in N.H.

So that is the deal. Kind of interesting there is a parallel to the infamous Massachusetts UPSKIRTING ruling in March of this year. That too was all about the exact wording of the law.

I am so, so disgusted with all of Obamacare and the lying, cheating Obama that I am HOPING that the subsidies are repealed!

Yes, I want Obamacare to be scuttled. It is a fraud. Of that I no longer have any doubt.

What has AMAZED me this last week is the number of ‘influential’ and ‘powerful’ folks in New Hampshire, some in the political arena others in State government, that have NOT HEARD about this lawsuit!

To me that is inconceivable! How could one be that blinkered and out-of-touch when there is Google News? Well, it is kind of funny, I have been educating folks in Concord about this lawsuit the last few days of the week. Some of them, quite rightly, are stunned.

But I am HOPING that the subsidies are abolished because that will be the end to Obamacare.

We could then go after Obama and hopefully impeach him.

I found something else also. The latest Obamacare Contractor, with a $1.25 BILLION contract, who is screwing up mightily, i.e., claiming that despite getting $1.25 BILLION they can’t process the necessary documents per their contract — NOT A U.S. company. Yes, another foreign contractor! I have said it before. All makes sense. Give the money to foreign companies because the U.S. can’t really go after them for fraud. Some of that foreign money will end up with Obama and his family.