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Malaysian Air MH17 Black Boxes — Did YOU Notice That One Of The Pingers Was Missing?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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From the UK ‘Guardian’. Click to access original. Notice missing pinger. I have highlighted the empty ‘prongs’.


Click to ENLARGE. Notice the detachable pinger at the front.

While watching MSNBC coverage of the Malaysian Airlines MH17’s two ‘black‘ (actually fluorescent orange) boxes being handed over to the Malaysians I (given that I am known as “eagle eyes“) couldn’t help but notice that one of the pingers was missing.


Did one of the Ukraine ‘rebels’ pop it out (and they are meant to come off since they are supposed to be replaced on a regular basis) to keep as a souvenir?

Did it pop out on its own upon impact?

WORST CASE: Did Malaysian Air maintenance crew FORGET to put one in or were they trying to SAVE MONEY by just using one saying, “who needs two, one will suffice”?

Remember there had already been plenty of talk that the pingers on “still missing” MH370 may have been improperly stored, poorly maintained and whatever.

Is there a connection here?

But, there is NO disputing this evidence. It is right there. Missing pinger.

‘Braxton’ & ‘Maya’ Enjoying Their Burgers, At Alton, N.H. McDonlad’s, On Braxton’s First Birthday.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.



Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

I am a real ‘Guruge’ child. I love McDonald’s burgers.

I like cake too, specially birthday cake when it is made for ME. This cake is making me smack my lips.

I’ve done this before. I know what is coming.

I can be such a good girl. If I do my best pose can I get another burger, please?


Watch a quick 44 second montage of ‘Braxton’ & ‘Maya’ at McDonald’s … It is set to music. Enjoy.

Alton, N.H. Old Home Day 2014, With ‘Annie & The Orphans’ + Fireworks, Will Be Weekend Of August 9, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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The always fun Alton, New Hampshire, “Old Home Day”
will be over the weekend of Friday, August 9
to Sunday, August 10, 2014.

Though the event has now been extended to cover a 3-day weekend,
‘the fireworks’, quite literally, as ever, will be on
Saturday night — and remember that the “Old Home”
fireworks are invariably better than those for July.

Added bonus this year.

“Annie & The Orphans” that I always rave about,
including just a few weeks ago after their
concert in Wolfeboro are playing
just ahead of the fireworks.

Weather permitting this should be quite the night.

The 5K race, the antique boat show and the Parade through Town is on Saturday — so is the traditional, chicken barbecue at the Alton Fire Station.

In addition to the customary Craft Fair there will be a ‘Car Show’, in Town, on Sunday.

Click here to access the Alton Town Website with the schedule.

Arthur T. Demoulas Firing At “Market Basket” In CEO Starts To Impact New Hampshire Stores.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.… .. ... .. .

Anura Guruge

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Headline in ‘Nashua Telegraph’.

≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ 

Click to access article in “Concord Monitor” about how the Concord, N.H. stores are impacted.

I am glad to see that some “Market Basket” employees, probably the more enlightened, long term staff, are willing to take a stand about the — what appears to be the unnecessary and shameless — firing of their CEO, Arthur T. Demoulas, son of Mike (the one accused of ‘short-changing’ the family of his brother George, who died of an unexpected heart-attack, in 1971, in Greece).

Arthur does seem to have been popular — as was his father. See my earlier post — I was married to a Lowell, “Demoulas Family” [i.e., they ‘all’ worked, at some time or other, in one of the nearby stores].

The last time I was at the Fort Eddy Road store in Concord, which was last week, I happened to ask the young cashier, proudly wearing her “1 Year of Service” name tag, about the firing. I was surprised that she knew all about it and also expressed her displeasure! I was impressed. She also volunteered that she, probably all of 18, couldn’t understand how the Board thought that they can stop the 4% discount, after they said that it would continue until December 2014.

This would all be kind of funny if it wasn’t also so sad. I feel bad for the Market Basket employees, such as the Supervisor at the warehouse that got fired. Not sure what their financial situation is. My ex-wife’s uncle who worked for the Demoulases from way back did very well. But he was like one of the original employees.

Arthur obviously is in good shape. His cousin, his ‘duped’ uncle’s son, is said to be worth over a billion. So, not that worried about the Demoulas family members per se. Yes, it is very much an ego thing for them.

It is a privately held company — with the voting, from what I see, split between the two competing sides of the family. One side really should buy the other side out and put an end to these shenanigans.

I am hoping to stop by the Fort Eddy Road Market Basket sometime this week. I need my Market Basket fix. I don’t need to buy fresh produce there per se. We also do the local, i.e., Alton, Fiddleheads, weekly and they do have good produce.

So … here we stand. My thoughts are with the workers. Don’t won’t they to suffer. They deserve better because they are some of the finest. I can’t ever remember ever having any kind of ‘issue’ with a Market Basket employee. “Good eggs”, so to speak.