Malaysian Air MH17 Black Boxes — Did YOU Notice That One Of The Pingers Was Missing?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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From the UK ‘Guardian’. Click to access original. Notice missing pinger. I have highlighted the empty ‘prongs’.


Click to ENLARGE. Notice the detachable pinger at the front.

While watching MSNBC coverage of the Malaysian Airlines MH17’s two ‘black‘ (actually fluorescent orange) boxes being handed over to the Malaysians I (given that I am known as “eagle eyes“) couldn’t help but notice that one of the pingers was missing.


Did one of the Ukraine ‘rebels’ pop it out (and they are meant to come off since they are supposed to be replaced on a regular basis) to keep as a souvenir?

Did it pop out on its own upon impact?

WORST CASE: Did Malaysian Air maintenance crew FORGET to put one in or were they trying to SAVE MONEY by just using one saying, “who needs two, one will suffice”?

Remember there had already been plenty of talk that the pingers on “still missing” MH370 may have been improperly stored, poorly maintained and whatever.

Is there a connection here?

But, there is NO disputing this evidence. It is right there. Missing pinger.