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Updating To Latest Java, viz. Version 7 Update 65, On Windows 7 With Google Chrome.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.javabandaid
by Anura Guruge

java.com. The BEST place to start your update process irrespective of what it says on the notification message. Click to access.

java.com. The BEST place to start your update process irrespective of what it says on the notification message. Click to access.

If you haven’t already got them, you will soon start getting “Update Java” notifications IF you ever had Java installed on your machine.

IF you don’t think you use Java, and there is a 76.4% chance that you actually DON’T, just ignore the message. Java can’t be ‘exploited’ if it is NOT running and when you try to run it it will FORCE you to update. So that is my recommendation. Wait until you need Java before updating. That is what Deanna is doing.

I, however, use Java on a fairly regular basis for checking Orbital Diagrams, from JPL, as shown below. I invariably are in a hurry when I am looking for orbits. So I don’t want to get sidetracked for 10 minutes updating Java. So I update Java, when I have a few minutes, once I have received 2 notifications.

I did update Java on two (2) Windows 7 PCs yesterday, one ‘Professional’ the other ‘Home Premium’.

Yes, I got an error message on both cases BUT it installed successfully each time as the above message proves.

My second recommendation. Do NOT use the ‘link’ in the notification message to try and update Java.

Instead, go to Java.com.

Then click on the “Do I have Java?” link BELOW the big red ‘Free Download’ button.

Follow the instructions. Close Chrome.

I have found over the months that this is the least error prone of the update options.

Java has become a right royal pain. This wasn’t the promise.

P.S. Use this JPL link to double-check that your Java is properly installed and working.

You need Java to get orbital diagrams like this from JPL’s Small Body Database Browser.

Court Strikes Down (Pending Appeal) Obamacare, i.e. Affordable Care Act (ACA), Healthcare Subsidies. IMPACTS New Hampshire.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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It has transpired!

Just as I thought it would because even I could see that
the ACA wording was specific that subsidies had to come
from State run Healthcare Exchanges.

N.H. did not, and does NOT, have a State Run Exchange.

So we are one of the 35 States impacted.

I just spoke with the N. H. Dept. of Insurance. Suffice to say they are in shock.

But, pending appeal. But, can’t see how the Supreme Court can overrule this.
Wording is crystal clear.

Click for NBC News coverage. Google for much more.

Click for NBC News coverage. Google for much more.

I am actually HAPPY. I am glad.

Though I fought hard for Obamacare I came to realize, through my own painful experience, that Obamacare is a TOTAL FRAUD.

Even I, though I benefit from it, cannot condone such FRAUD. This is immoral.

I want Obamacare to be scrapped.

I want Obama to be impeached.

IF the Supreme Court sides with Lower Court YOU WILL RECEIVE a Tax Bill for the subsidies you received. There is NO immunity.