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Facebook (FB) Market Cap Exceeds That Of IBM.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.… .. . . . ..




by Anura Guruge

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The historic “Hursley House”, the centerpiece of the enchanting ‘Hursley Park’ IBM R&D Labs. where I worked from 1974 – 1979. Knew the House well. c. 1976, many days in the ‘Summer’, I used to have lunch on this lawn with the then head of security for the site, a retired Colonel. We became friends through our common interest in guns and target shooting. IBM Hursley had a gun club — and I founded an archery club. There was a period, of about 2 years, when 3 or 4 times a week, around 5 pm I would go down to the ‘shooting range’, on the property, which also serve as a reinforced bomb disposal site, and shoot 100 rounds (sometimes 3x that) — and then come back and code till 7:30 pm or later. Bullets were subsidised by IBM per their policy towards all sports clubs. I think it cost me 2p a bullet. So UK £2 for 100 rounds. It was very therapeutic.

Market Caps [viz. all outstanding shares x current stock price] are kind of funny though there is no denying that they do tell a very telling tale. After yesterday evening’s stellar, ‘blow-out’ 2Q results by Facebook it now has a Market Cap higher than most companies — including IBM. To me that is sobering and scary. I used to own IBM, but never on a large scale and never for long. I have been in CSCO and AAPL for longer and for larger positions. But, IBM, as I would often write in my various columns and articles is, or definitely was, in my blood. My claim used to be, in the context of where I stood when it came to IBM vs. the ‘rest’ [and I am old enough to remember the ‘BUNCH‘], was that when ‘cut’ I always bled ‘dark blue‘. IBM was my life from 1974 to c. 2004. Though I only worked for IBM, as an employee, for 5 years (and a part-time consultant for a year), my expertise in many things IBM, in particular mainframes and networking, and I was, “Mr. SNA” for two decades, was how I made a living from 1980 to c. 2010. I followed IBM like there was no tomorrow. I had to. That was what was expected of me.

<< BUNCH = Burroughs, Univac, NCR, CDC and Honeywell. RIP. >>

To see IBM missing out on ‘social’ and ‘mobile’ distresses me. I still care for IBM. It is part of my life and legacy.

IBM screwing up on technology trends, of course, is not new or news. IBM, though it came up with the term ‘PC’, in the end missed out on the PC revolution. OH, do I remember OS/2! Missed out on minis too — and I speak as one that worked for Wang and DG. Lost networking too — and that is what hurt me, in every sense, psychologically and financially. I won’t even mention (bloody) ATM (and NO, we are not talking cash dispensing ATMs) or the (damned) nWays. Talk about Lost Opportunity Costs! Oh dear.

IBM should have, could have, acquired any of these ‘social’ companies if it really tried.

IBM's magnificent Somers Park in NY. Looks like something from the Jetsons. I used to visit it, often, 1995 -- 1997. Click for Wikipedia entry on the Park and more pictures.

IBM’s magnificent Somers Park in NY. Looks like something from the Jetsons. I used to visit it, often, 1995 — 1997. Click for Wikipedia entry on the Park and more pictures.

‘Cloud’ is now its big thing. I smile. I have seen this all play out before. Grid Computing, Autonomic Computing (and I even started writing a book on ‘Grid & Autonomic’), SAA … the list goes on.

But what the Market Cap does not reflect is IBM’s continued revenue stream and real, tangible assets.

Facebook, per yesterday’s run-rate, probably will end up with 2014 revenues of around $15 Billion. That is good. IBM, on the other hand, will end up close to $100B!

IBM’s balance sheet states that it had, in 2013, $51B in assets. Facebook, in 2013, had $13.7B.

But here is where I, having had first hand experience of SOME of the amazing properties, see a huge difference. IBM, like the Vatican, has some dynamite real estate investments. ‘Hursley Park’ where I worked is a gem. But, they have so many like that — many in the U.S. Yes, they have divested themselves of MANY since the 1980s. But, per the balance sheet they still have over $50B in property, buildings and land. Facebook $6B.

But, Market Cap does not lie!

Market Cap reflects investor sentiment and belief — and therein lies the rub. Investors, rightly, think of FB as the future, IBM as the past.


I own 5 FB shares! I didn’t bother with the IPO. I knew I wouldn’t get any. Instead, just for fun, I bought 5 shares, on the IPO day for “free” (i.e., using money from an AAPL options call I wrote), at the IPO price,  just to say that I had participated in the IPO of the ‘year’. Yes, now it is up 91% — which, alas, is still not that great!

Anyway just was just a ‘stream of consciousness’ because it bothers me to see IBM continuing to lose GROUND.

Some of IBM's past glories when it came to Real Estate. So technology. IBM was genius when it came to Real Estate. That was then. The Hay Day of antitrust, non-compete and all that fun.

Some of IBM’s past glories when it came to Real Estate. So technology. IBM was genius when it came to Real Estate. That was then. The Hay Day of antitrust, non-compete and all that fun.

New Hampshire Insurance Department, Finally, Acknowledges The Threat To Obamacare (i.e., ACA) Healthcare Subsidies.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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They have finally managed to extricate their necks from the sand.

Remember, it was I who gave you the heads up July 17 — a week ahead.

Click to access "Concord Monitor" coverage.

Click to access “Concord Monitor” coverage.

New Hampshire Comes In At #4, Overall, In Annual Report Of “Kids Count — 2014 Data Book”.

aecf-kidscountdatabookcover-2014<bAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.r style=”color: #ffffff;” />

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Use link below to access full table.

Use this link to access the original table in PDF form.

This seems good BUT it appears that there is more to this than the #4 rank indicates.

The rise in child poverty in New Hampshire seems to be the concern.
Yes, we have first hand experience of that — all around us here.
We have child poverty in Alton. That there is child poverty in this country
never ceases to amaze me.
I expect that in 3rd World Countries, including where I grew up.
I am used to seeing children living and begging in the streets
in Sri Lanka and India


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‘Beer & Wings’ Summerfest At Manchester, N.H. ‘Arms Park’ This Saturday, July 26, 2014.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to get tickets.

I am not a beer drinker. I probably haven’t touched a beer, an ale, a larger or a stout
in probably 2o years if not more.

Beer just does not do anything for me.

Wine is my preferred poison and my capacity for it is
basically unlimited though I restrict myself to just
one (large (maybe very large) diluted glass
a day with maybe 2 exceptions a month.

I am very partial to whiskey, brandy, rum
and Crème de menthe as well and my
reputation (as a true Brit)  for being able to drink Americans
‘under the table’ used to be legendary though I don’t
do that anymore.

During my first two years at IBM Hursley, 1974 – 1976,
due to a firm, established ritual among the very
elite “System Support” (SS) group that I worked for
I used to drink 8 pints of Guinness at lunch
every day, Monday to Friday —
and maybe a couple in the evening!
It was part of the T&Cs if you wanted
to be a member of that Group.
It was like a daily initiation rite.
8 in the group, each had to buy a round:
it had to be Guinness and you
better drink like a man.
Yes, we worked for IBM. Crème de la crème no less.
Yes, at that time there were parts of IBM,

in the U.S., that was dry BUT
IBM France & IBM Germany
had beer and wine in the cafeterias.

Thank YOU (again) Les Brown?

8 pints of Guinness a day is not kind to your waist.
But, I think it is good for your health.

But, I am promoting this for my friends at iHeartDining.com.

2014 Commonwealth Games In Glasgow: Full Opening Ceremony Videos On YouTube.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Another great day for the glorious British Commonwealth.

Makes me very happy, very proud and very, very homesick.
I wish I had the money to go back home!

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