Disney “Planes: Fire & Rescue 3D” — Cute & Clever, But Is Not Another ‘Frozen’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Taking the kids to see a Disney 3D movie in the Summer is somewhat of a ritual. Plus we had seen all of the ‘Cars’ movies and the first ‘Planes’ movie. Liked them all — and to be fair what is there NOT to like. Plus we saw a fair amount of Cars and Planes memorabilia in April when we were down at Disney World. So on Friday, July 25, 2014, after the Lisa DiMartino awards ceremony at the State House in Concord, and lunch at ‘Olive Gardens’ we went to see “Planes: Fire & Rescue 3D” at the “Regal Concord 10”.

The movie was cute and clever. As with all Disney movie the humor and messages are at multiple levels. This was NOT ‘Frozen’. This was really a tribute to Fire and Rescue folks and in that it was good and powerful. Rather a ‘deep’ movie for kids — with lots of actions to distract them from the serious themes being presented. Not really sure what age range Disney is aiming this movie at. The kids, of course, thought it was “OK”. “OK” when it comes to a Disney movie is “OK”. It is not a resounding vote of confidence. I did not hear Teischan say she wants to see it again. I doubt whether she will ever ask me for the DVD. I guess if it ever comes on ‘TV’ they might watch it again.

It is THE Summer Disney movie for kids. So what choice do you have.

We went to the 4:50 pm showing — the ONLY one that was in 3D. It was us and 6 others — 4 of them that got to see it at non-3D prices because the cashier screwed up. So it wasn’t packed. But, then again it was 4:50 on a working day.

It was OK. Very clever. Great animation. Beautiful rendering. So, if YOU have to take the kids to a Disney movie over Summer — take them. You might be able to forgo the 3D. Not that much 3D in it. << See Below >>

Full Disclosure

We ended up getting 100% of our ticket price, i.e., $66, back on this movie!

As I have shamelessly admitted in prior posts, I am a sucker for 3D. I like 3D, I enjoy 3D and I will gladly pay for 3D.

I wasn’t thrilled about going to see a 3D movie at the “Regal Concord 10”. We had seen 3D there before and didn’t think it was very good — with the quality of 3D, of course, dependent on the technology and up to dateness of the projection equipment. Given a choice I go to Cinemagic Hooksett or Portsmouth — but Cinemagic Hooksett did NOT have Planes in 3D for Friday! So, that is why we went to Regal 10.

As soon as the 3D Previews started I could tell that the 3D projectors were out of synch. So I got up went out and told one of the kids. He came in, watched the trailers for a few minutes, and then whispered to me that: “sometimes the trailers have ‘trouble’ with the 3D BUT that the movie will be in 3D”. I knew that that was garbage. So we endured 20 minutes of out of focus trailers. Then the movie started. It was out of focus. Deanna got up to go complain. I followed. One of the other parents had beaten both of us. The same kid who told me the original garbage now told us that he would tell the manager.

We went back. Seven or eight minutes into the movie the focus got corrected and we had ‘OK’ 3D. But they never rewound it! That we had watched 10 minutes of it, out of focus, seems have been take as ‘tough titties’.

I don’t pay $66 to watch 3D movies that are out of focus.

So when the show ended I marched out and asked to see the manager. Then I found the kid that I had told me that it would be ‘OK’ and told him that I want him to explain to the manager what he had told me. He went and saw the manager ahead of him talking to me.

I was my usual congeninal self BUT I told him upfront and straightaway, with my credit card already in my outstretched hand, that I want ALL my money back. He was in his middle ages. Nice guy. He looked at me askance. Not sure how many people ask him for ALL their money back AFTER they have watched a movie. But I mastered preemptive closing decades ago. He looked at me and said: “OK. OK. I will refund the whole amount”. He did. I kind of felt bad for him. I would have settled for a $20 refund, BUT I, given my decades as a high-power salesman had to start high. By now the kids were back from the bathroom. They like to watch me in action. They were impressed. So, we got to see the movie for free — just paid for the popcorn. The manager probably would have given me the money back on that too, if I had asked. But I am very reasonable.

Bottom line. Good manager. Did the right thing. Kudos to him. But, we will never be going to Regal Concord 10. They are not up do date when it comes to 3D. Cinemax it will have to be.