Will Pope Francis, Now Becoming Noted For His Candor, Admit That His Prayers Are Going Unheeded?

popepray891Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

by Anura Guruge

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Click for “New York Times” coverage. You have to study the expression on Shimon Peres’ face. It is a classic. You can just imagine what must have been going through his head as he sat among the grandeur of the Vatican.

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Click to access coverage, today, from ‘Haaretz’.

Though he loves to say the darndest things, and whatever you may think about this pope, you cannot deny that he sure does appear to have a heart of gold.

Plus, as pope, as I know, he is supposed to pray. That is definitely in his contract. So, I understand that he has to pray and do so publicly.

And, yes, yes, yes … I am more than aware of the “God doesn’t micromanage”, “God gave us free will”, “All part of God’s grand plan”, “You are much too stupid to understand what God has in store for us” etc. etc. Fine. In that case why does the Pope pray? He should keep quiet!

If you check my posts on this blog about prayer you will see that I did grow up in a house where I was surrounded by grownups that prayed, incessantly, and made vows to various gods, probably on a daily basis. So, I got to see prayers in action first hand. That is why, as I got older, I became skeptical. Then there was the November 2012 Catholic debacle. The U.S. Catholic bishops had a campaign of prayer to ensure Mormon Mitts victory. Again, this surprised me, because these are the same folks that say “God doesn’t micromanage”. So why pray? So we all know how successful those prayers were.

Then Francis. He is trying. But his prayers does not seem to be working. I feel BAD for him. It must hurt him, deeply. It must keep him up at night. 

I, of course, have my own thoughts and ideas about prayer — which must be fairly easy to workout. What I want to know is whether this pope, with his fondness for candor, will ever make a statement that questions the efficacy of his prayers.