Today Is Famed Trial Lawyer, Jack Ruby’s Pro Bono Attorney, Melvin Mouron Belli’s Birthday. He Would Have Been 107.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.... .. ... .. . . . . . . .

Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. Melvin Belli with Paul Monzione in front of a Superior Court. [Probably California.] This picture was sent to me by Paul’s wife Darla Monzione.

I, alas and alack, did NOT know the man. I wish I did. Any man who would publicly accuse his 5th wife of having an affair with Desmond Tutu is my type of guy. I know we would have got on like a house on fire. I hear, from who else other than Paul Monzione, that Belli was BIG into ‘publicity’ and had teams of ‘PR’ folks working for him. I know that Belli would have hired me.

Well, most of what I know about Belli is from Paul. One of these days I might buy one of his many books. I am sure I would enjoy reading about his exploits.

So he died 18 years ago. He was 20 days short of 89. It is always a coincidence but the notion of people dying on the same month as that in which they were born intrigues me. So, I wonder, was his upcoming birthday on his mind? I have a spreadsheet of all the pertinent dates I have been able to find about popes. A number of popes died close to their birthdays. That is how this ‘close to birthday’ thing got in my bonnet.

Well, I can’t wish him a happy birthday. That would be inappropriate. But at least I will mark this date.

Melvin Mouron Belli, THE MAN.

I love that middle name. Wow. ‘Mouron’. So close to ‘moron’ but yet so far. It is French. I am not going to have anymore kids. But there is a chance that I might get another dog — and the next one will be another Golden. I might name him ‘Mouron’, though I can see people thinking that I am calling the dog ‘moron’. Hhhmmm. That alone might be fun.

This is NOT Belli — but he was a Belli client. This pictures also came to me via Darla Monzione.