Pro Series 14′ x 42″ Metal Frame Swimming Pool Punctures Like A 5 Cent Balloon & CANNOT Be Repaired. Do NOT BUY!

by Anura Guruge

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I had to buy a whole kit, for $199, Tuesday night (as you can see below), as a REPLACEMENT.

No it was for the family that ‘baby sat’ Devanee and Teischan while we went on the Pro Portsmouth Volunteer River Cruise.

I gather they had it for less than 90 days. Devanee, 13, allegedly threw a  Matchbox car ‘at it’ — from a deck which was about 20′ away. She and another kid (her age) were trying to see if they could pitch cars into the pool. I can understand what they were doing. One of the cars, and we are talking 3″ Matchbox cars, hit the SIDE. It punctured like a cheap 5 cent balloon.

I gather that it cannot be FIXED. So I had no choice BUT to order a new kit for $199.

So my point is very simple and straightforward: this pool seems to puncture TOO EASILY and when it punctures it cannot be fixed.

Less than 90 days, I am told, and yet Walmart NOR ‘ProSeries’ would make any ‘allowances’. C’est la vie. That is WHY I buy all my major items from Amazon. IF I had bought this from Amazon they would have taken care of me. In the next 96 hours I will write a post about a Samsung over-the-range microwave I bought from Amazon last week. We installed it on Monday. It went up fine but the door kept on sticking when we tried to open or close it. The trim around the door was catching. There was no adjustments on the hinge. Trying to fix it we damaged the trim even more. We had a friend helping us lift it into place. He was all concerned that Amazon would give me grief that we had damaged the door. I assured him, “This is Amazon. They do not give me grief”. Teischan had commandeered the big box and made it into an office! I got online around 6pm Monday and clicked the RETURN BUTTON. 2 minutes later I was downstairs with a return label. UPS picked it up the next day. Wednesday night I got an e-mail saying that Amazon gave me a 100% REFUND. No questions asked. Amazon is so, so good on returns.

Well that is Amazon and this is Walmart.

So bottom line: Do NOT buy any Pro Series pools and Do NOT buy any major consumer items from Walmart.

Shop Amazon. [No, alas, I do NOT own AMZN stock. Wish I did.]