Yola (Website Creation) Has Become A Disaster. Not Usable Anymore. Total Waste Of Time & Money.



by Anura Guruge

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++++ Search on ‘Yola‘ —>>>> (side bar)

Click to ENLARGE. I won;t insult you by giving yo a link to Yola.

Click to ENLARGE. I won;t insult you by giving yo a link to Yola.

As three of my posts from November & December 2013, listed above, amply attest I used to rave about how good and affordable Yola was.

Well no more. I now detest Yola and detest it with a vengeance. It does NOT bloody work. I have been trying for 42 hours to load some pictures onto Teischan’s Website — pictures to do with her ‘Snow White‘ performances. Despite hours of trying I have only managed to upload 12 pictures. 12 pictures. Picture upload, at least for this Website, is only working 1-in-10 times — if that. I don’t need that. I can’t deal with that. My time is valuable. It isn’t as if I don’t know how to upload pictures or don’t upload pictures on a daily basis. This morning, first thing, I uploaded 158 pictures, in a FEW minutes, to WordPress for this blog post. I have uploaded at least 9 photos onto this blog ‘today’ — ‘today’ to me still being Thursday, July 31.

I have created a total of 5 Websites with Yola. To be fair I didn’t have any real trouble creating any of them. Yola used to be GOOD. Very good.

But recently I have noticed cracks. When I was creating the last site, in May, I noticed that it was slow and sluggish. I didn’t like it but I was willing to live with it.

That they lie about phone support irked me. They ONLY have e-mail support and it sucks — sucks BIG time.

So I am DONE with bloody Yola. I paid a year’s premium. So I am paid up till January 2015 and have two unused Website credits. Screw that. They can keep it.

I have already started looking at the other alternatives WIX and Weebly. Did some research today. I had looked them PRIOR to signing up with Yola. I have accounts with both. So I was able to sign into Weebly ‘today’. I have until August 7 before I have to make the decision. I looked at some new names too. WIX, as it should, impresses me, but I am getting the feeling that Weebly ‘Pro’ is what might work best for me. With Weebly Pro I will get 10 Websites. So I can transfer the 3 Websites I have on my Yola account to Weebly. One of the Yola sites I built was on a separate Yola Silver account while I took down one of the sites I had built last year. Hence the three in my current account.

Bottom line: Yola sucks. I am done with Yola. Be very wary of Yola.

Don’t get suckered in like I did — to find that you are well and truly screwed.