Yola (Website Creation) — Using Chrome Could Be An Issue, Works Better With FireFox!



by Anura Guruge

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++++ Search on ‘Yola‘ —>>>> (side bar)

teischanyolaaug761aYola, as you might be able to work out, wasn’t too happy that I wasn’t happy with them — especially after they saw my damning post. Since Friday they have been e-mailing and even calling me up to try and get things resolved. We finally managed to set aside some minutes earlier today.

My current problem with uploading images appears to be tied to me using Chrome! That is a shame. I love Chrome and there is no way that I will stop using Chrome.

But, at their request, and he was very nice, I tried FireFox. It worked with FireFox. So FINALLY I managed to load a pictures of Teischan, with her ‘Snow White’ performance bouquet of flowers, to her Website (see above).

So at least we have a work around. The guy, and they are all South African (given that that is where there call center is), was good enough to admit that I was the 2nd Chrome customer, TODAY, that had had problems. So heads up. If you are having problems with Yola try FireFox. FireFox is their recommended browser.