The New ‘’ Website — Very Much A Work In Progress.



by Anura Guruge

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++++ Search on ‘Yola‘, ‘Weebly’, ‘Wix’ & ‘GoDaddy’  —>>>>


My old Web hosting with GoDaddy, which I have had continuously since c. 2001, was coming up for renewal on September 7. I had decided, last October, that I was going to start cutting back on GoDaddy Web hosting. They were getting expensive and existing customers were being forced to pay more than new customers.

PLUS, I had been using FrontPage to create and maintain my GoDaddy Websites. There was a time when I enjoyed messing around with FrontPage. I had created 20 to 30 ‘fancy’ Websites with FP, had taught FP at post-graduate level at SNHU and knew it quite well. Looking back I spent way too much time fiddling around with FP. Then things started to change when I moved to Windows 7 in October 2009. FP wasn’t supported, officially, on Windows 7. So I kept two XP machines just for FP! That started to get old. So last October I decided to slowly transition my Websites, bar popes-and-papacy (which is too big and complex), to a template-based hosting site. Yes, that is basically ‘cloud-based’ Website creation and maintenance. I started off with Yola and had quite a bit of luck. I created 5 sites in Yola. Then I started having problems with Yola a couple of weeks ago when I started playing with it to see whether it was ‘fancy’ enough for my new ‘‘. I was crushed. I also had problems with image loading in Weebly. So, I spent a few hours messing around in Wix. Wix is impressive but NOT compelling.

Over the weekend, and I don’t know how, but I got image loading working, TO AN EXTENT, with Weebly — and cross words were exchanged with their support folks.

But, by Tuesday I was able to upload most of my images. Weebly is addictive! Very easy to use — THOUGH it has many quirks. I put together the homepage that is now up in fairly quick time. It was finding the cover pictures for my books that took the longest time.

The Website is FAR from done. Right now it is probably just 30%. But, to be honest I don’t need the Website per se. People know where to find me.

My next worry was that pointing the domain to Weebly might give me grief. That is always a huge area for pitfalls. So I wanted to get that over with quickly. This morning, totally on impulse, I decided to DO IT! Wow. Whole process took less than 2 minutes. I am NOT kidding. It was quick. I was in shock. They say to allow 48 to 72 hours for such a domain transition because of the DNS propagation delays. 2 minutes.

So, it is a work in progress. Now that it is semi-published I will probably be remiss updating it! That is ME.

But, I took the precaution of creating an archived site for the old I have screenshots of the entire old site! Yes, I will put them up. 

I have had since about 1998. I was very lucky to get! For a few years various ‘’ friends, much more attune with what would happen with ‘the Web’, had been telling me that the domain name was available and I should get it! In those days, I was so wrapped up in my work with IBM networks that I really didn’t see a need for a domain name that was my name! Yes, like so many IBMers I was initially blindsided by the Web as just yet another IP/OSI ‘story’. Don’t get me wrong. I had a domain. It was something like Honest. To me the domain was to promote my work and that is what I did, I was an ‘ guru’. But, luck was on my side. When I went to get it, it was there.

I have had it ever since.