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“1964 The Tribute” Concert At Kingswood, Wolfeboro, N.H., On August 8, 2014, For ‘Great Waters’ Rocked & Rolled. It Was A Blast!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click for tickets.

Click for tickets.

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They were GOOD. They were VERY GOOD. Bravo. Thank YOU.

What dedication. What attention to detail. What talent — and nice guys too.

Unadulterated, undiluted entertainment. Their goal was to ensure that the ‘paying punters’ got their monies worth — and in that they succeeded mightily.

It was a GREAT CONCERT all around. The audience loved it. They were on their feet dancing towards the end. That was quite a sight. I had never seen that at the Kingswood Art Center. As it happens there is a nice BIG space for dancing in front of the stage. The Great Waters’ organizers were delighted. Those of us that did the setup and takedown had a great time. Very laid-back operation. Very 60s so to speak.

Their attention to detail is staggering. Their ‘Paul’, who like Paul plays the bass left-handed, actually LOOKS LIKE Paul! I kid you not. See directly above. I watched 97% of the concert just 15′ away from Paul and at least 3 times, as he would turn around and bend down to change guitars, he would see me sitting in the wings, stage left, and wink. Yes, he looks like an older Paul, but he still looks like Paul. Their ‘Ringo’ was BETTER than the real one — but then again, as ‘John’ once famously said: “Ringo isn’t even the best drummer among the Beatles!”

The three VOX ‘monitors’ (speakers) with VOX amps on top that they have on stage are PROPS. Nothing inside them. Very light to move around — which we had to do. They paint on their sideburns. They try to speak with a Liverpool accent. They do a reasonably credible job at that. ‘Paul’, yet again, is the best.

They, to their credit and discipline, have youthful figures. Very professional. I was impressed. I did the sums, as is my wont. They do 100 shows a year and have been doing so for 30 years. At a MINIMUM, they now make $1.4 million a year. That is the base line. They, most likely, overall make more — but I am talking gross, not net nett. Not bad. But, they deserve it.

I, without wishing to be too churlish, only have one small, but pertinent, gripe. They ONLY really did the “bee-bop”, “4-chord” songs! A couple of people insisted, after the show, when I ‘complained’, that they only do ‘pre-1964’ songs. NOT TRUE! They did “HELP”. Help was 1965. 

They did NOT do “Norwegian Wood”. That grieves me. The ‘Wood’ was 1965 too — albeit 3 months after Help.

We saw “All Together Now” Beatles Tribute group in Wolfeboro and Portsmouth last year. No comparison! 1964 is, of course, more authentic. But, to me a Tribue band should pay — and by that I also mean play — TRIBUTE to the Band.

So there was NO “Penny Lane”, NO “Yesterday”, NO “Let it Be”, NO “Here Comes the Sun”

Don’t get me wrong. I had a blast. Deanna loved it. She bopped along for the whole show.

Yes, I will go to one of their concerts again — GLADLY.

Very nice guys. Two of them shook my hand and thanked me. That is always nice. Gordon Lightfoot had done the same. To me that indicates class. They don’t have to. They see stagehands at every show. They can just ignore us. We are but ‘plebs’ to them. All of them, thanked all of us, as they left. They left in a van, driving themselves. Cute.

They are performing in Manchester, N.H. tonight. Catch them if you can.


Here, listen to “Norwegian Wood”, on me, on YouTube. A true classic. No tribute to the lads can be complete without ‘the wood’!

Bagpipes, With Ivory, Confiscated At U.S./Canada Border Belonging To Campbell Webster — Son Of Ex-Queen’s Piper, Gordon Webster?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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Concord, N.H. ‘native’, Gordon Webster — ex-Queen’s Piper. Click to access his bio.


It is getting a LOT of coverage in the U.K., understandably. This from the U.K. ‘Guardian’. Click to access.

I have been meaning to write about this story since I saw it in a local New Hampshire paper a few days ago. As soon as I saw the name ‘Webster’, and ‘Concord’, it crossed my mind that this most likely is Gordon Webster’s son. I used to see Gordon and his wife all over the place — of course at the Highland Games but also at the Multicultural Day in Laconia. Very nice couple. We used to talk to them, c. 2003, because we were thinking of doing the opposite of what they had recently done; i.e., we were thinking of moving to the U.K.

Gordon is the second Queen’s Piper I have had the privilege of meeting. The other was the ultra-impressive, ‘WOW — what a great guy’, Jim Motherwell. I am sure I heard this story from Gordon as opposed to Jim. So lets assume that it was indeed Gordon. One of his assignments while the Queen’s Piper was to pipe, while standing on a rowing boat, on a Loch in Scotland (around Balmoral, I think), enacting some historic event, while the Queen and others watched from shore. In the excitement of getting the boat ready, whoever was in charge, forgot to put back the drain plug. So Gordon is in the boat, piping away, merrily, when he realizes that the boat was taking on water. Being the professional he is he keeps on piping without missing a beat — let alone a note. Others in the boat are well aware of what is happening. They start rowing back to shore. Those on the shore, including the Queen, realize that things are amiss. Gordon keeps on piping. The water keeps on rising. They make it to shore. The Queen actually approaches the boat to make sure her piper is OK. I like that story.

Bagpipes and ivory?

What can I say?

I am, of course, given my love for elephants, dead against ILLEGAL ivory. Having grown up in a country where they have both wild and domesticated elephants I understand the distinction between legal ivory and poached ivory. I also appreciate that there is a LOT of old ivory around.

Yes, IF the ONLY way to curb poaching is to ban ALL ivory imports I will go along with that. I am not an expert, but I don’t think using plastic instead of ivory will really make that much of a difference to the LOVELY sound made by a bagpipe!

Some examples of bagpipes and ivory. Click to access.



Malaysian Airlines MH370: Yesterday Was The 5-Month Anniversary, 153 Days And STILL Not One Single Bit Of Debris!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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5 months!

153 days!

Nothing. Nada.

Isn’t it just bloody amazing that 5 months have gone by
and they haven’t found one TINY scrap of debris
anywhere in the world.

In some ways this is a HUGE testament to Boeing and the 777.
IF it ‘crashed’ it has still managed to stay intact.


Why are we letting ‘them’ get away with this?


Still but nothing other than flaccid talks. Yes, Malaysian Air got delisted from the Malaysian stock market — as if anybody cared. Click to access.